Dear Weary Homeschool Mom

Dear Weary Homeschool Mom,

Oh boy. I just had one of those days with one of my kids. It was pretty terrible. There were tears from both of us. And I'd like to say I handled it well...but I lost my cool. We ended up having to call it quits and put the books away because we were just stuck. Both of us.

I've been weary lately from the hard work of homeschooling three kids. Learning has not been easy. It's been hard-fought with struggles around each corner.

And I'm struggling with my resolve. Struggling to maintain hope. Struggling to find my joy in homeschooling.

Where do we turn when there are struggles everywhere we look?

We turn to the beginning. Why do we homeschool? What made us decide to take the plunge and make this choice for our family?

Looking back over the reasons why I started to homeschool helps me shift my perspective on hard days. I can find encouragement in knowing that despite a hard day, or week, I'm living proof of my decision. 

For example, one of the reasons why we homeschool is so our children aren't pressured to learn things on some arbitrary timeline.

Now, this also happens to be a HUGE area of stress for me. I think my first graders should be reading better than they are. But according to who? And why?

I go back to my reasoning, I want to set them up with a strong foundation of reading and do so at their own pace. But so easily I forget this in the "pressure" I feel to have them "measure up."

We are all free from measuring up.

Dear sweet friend, take a deep breath. Know that you are right where you are supposed to be.

Bad days come and bad days go.

You've got this! 

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