Live in Grace

A lot of my daily struggles stem from my own too-high expectations I have in my mind for myself.

  • I should be the fun mom.
  • I should do more crafts.
  • I should stop putting my hair in a pony tail every day.
  • I should keep my house more clean.
  • I should just throw away my yoga pants.
  • I should shower more.

The "I should's" of my life are like a weight around my neck, dragging me down, causing discouragement. 

These statements leave me feeling condemned for not measuring up, even if only in my own mind.

These statements start me off feeling like I am a failure and I cannot thrive in my life. They make it impossible to find contentment in who God made me to be, but instead leaves me striving continually to be someone else. They set myself and my family up for disaster.

These statements can attack my womanhood, my marriage, my mothering, my homeschooling, my home, my friendships. My entire life.

I read the following quote from No More Perfect Moms:

God sees us through eyes of grace. It is as if He is saying, “Don’t keep striving so that you can feel good about your accomplishments. Instead, live in My grace. Yes, do motherhood well—even with excellence. But know that I love you just as you are—no ‘perfection’ necessary. Come find freedom in an authentic relationship with Me and with others.”

I needed to hear that truth. I needed to be reminded that Christ does not call me to perfection. That when I torture myself with "I should's" I am not living in grace, but soaking in condemnation. This is not what God wants for us.

God wants us to live free in Him. He wants us to soak in His grace and the freedom He offers us. Freedom even from our own expectations for ourselves.

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