My 2019 Goals

A purposeful life doesn't just happen. You make it happen. You plan for it. You dream and scheme and write things down on actual paper with an actual pen or pencil.

I am determined to live a purposeful life. And if you are here, then I think you are too! 

What's the saying? If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time?

Living in survival mode is aiming at nothing. There is no forward thinking. Now, friends, I get it. I've been stuck there before. But it's not a place to stay. Friends don't let friends camp out in survival mode for long.

Part of this blog is going to be sharing my goals with you and hopefully encouraging you to set your own goals through the process, or at least be encouraged that it is possible to make progress on what matters most.

Let's get to the logistics of goal setting for a minute. 

There are several key factors in setting goals that stick. I've learned much of this from the ladies over at Cultivate What Matters. I have used and LOVED their Powersheets for many years and believe them to be a great product to help push you toward purposeful living. This year we couldn't swing the cost. But I followed along as Lara Casey did her annual goal setting series. So, I formed my goals from there.

Firstly, to make goals that work you've got to develop the why behind your goals. You've got to have a good enough reason to keep you going when the going gets tough. You've got to know why you care enough to move toward change.

Another key to goal setting is developing an action plan. This involves breaking up these big goals into bite-sized tasks you can accomplish to help you make progress on what matters most.

With that in mind, here are my goals for this year.

2019 Goals

1. Move, care for, and celebrate my body.

Because I only get this one body and I want to live a long and healthy life.

Action Plan:
  • Get my daily step goal
  • Go to the YMCA at least once a week
  • Cut out my sugar intake during the week

2. Be a wise steward of our finances.

Because debt is crippling and I want our family to live free.

Action Plan:
  • Continue to set a budget each month
  • Follow the budget
  • Get our savings account back up to $1000 after unexpected expenses depleted the fund
  • Start building momentum with the snowball method

3. Tend to my personal well-being.

Because I can't give and give and give without refueling and because I need to maintain my sanity to be the best woman, wife, and mother I can be.

Action Plan:
  • Continue to do my One Line a Day Journal
  • Read more purposefully
  • Spend time monthly with friends
  • Complete a cross-stitch project each month
  • Practice daily solitude
  • Listen to at least one podcast a week

4. Serve my family joyfully.

Because I want to revive my joy in the roles God has called me to.

Action Plan:
  • Finish reading The Mission of Motherhood
  • Be present daily with realistic expectations
  • Spend quality time with each kid to try to build more closeness in our relationships
  • Be a diligent homeschool teacher
  • Continue to cultivate a loving marriage

5. Grow in my faith.

Because I want to draw close to God to have the strength and peace to live this life well for His glory.

Action Plan:
  • Finish my study of Psalms (I'm using this book)
  • Participate in our church Bible Study
  • Live with prayer as a mindset throughout the day
  • Read good gospel-centered books

I will keep you updated each month as I go through 2019 and hopefully make progress on what matters most.

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