Remembering Self-Care and Doing it Anyway

For the past several years, Michael has sent me away to a hotel for two nights as a combination gift for Christmas and my Birthday. I call it my #mamacation.

I remember a couple of years ago, it had been a really tough fall and I was feeling burnt out on everything. It truly was a great gift! Except...I arrived at the hotel empty and didn't even feel like doing anything life-giving. Everything just felt like too much. I laid in the bed for the whole night and then woke up and realized I could waste the time I had, or try to make use of it.

Even though I didn't feel like it, I did the things I knew would encourage me and breathe life into my weariness. 

I painted my nails a new funky color, I got my hair done, I read books, and I planned for the upcoming year. Despite not "feeling like it" in the moment, I practiced self-care anyway.

I came home still feeling sad and empty, but I had put in the work. And guess what? Slowly, life started feeling better.

Despite not "feeling it" in the moment, practicing self-care helped afterward. 

I was feeling stressed recently and remembered that simple fact again, wondering if there was another realization to be learned in this same area. Life had been feeling pretty good, so I let my regular self-care habits fall to the side. Then I got really overwhelmed. So I learned something new again.

Even when I feel good, I still need to practice self-care to prevent burn out and overwhelm. 

Lightbulb moment!!!

So, whether you find yourself burnt out to the max, feeling good, or somewhere in the middle: self-care needs to be remembered and practiced regularly. It not only impacts us but those around us. Filling our cups help us to be able to pour out to those we are for. This isn't selfish, it's necessary.

Today, find something that brings pleasure and joy to your life and carve out the time to pursue it! You'll see the impact and so will those around you!

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