Rest in Him


Weariness in motherhood comes so easily.

When you are walking through each day with your schedule packed full and responsibilities looming all around you, taunting you in their undone-ness, it is so easy to become weary and discouraged. It feels like the days and tasks are never-ending and you just can't catch a break or even a breathe.

Kid aren't making improvements and you don't see growth in the here and now. You doubt whether you are making a difference and wonder if everything is worth all the hard work.

That's where I find myself often. And what seems the most counter-intuitive of this state of being is that the thing I feel God calling me to most is simply rest. Physical rest for my body and mind and soul-fully resting in Him.

He is calling me to worry less about what I am doing and more about who I am becoming. He is calling me to not worry about the tasks that are in front of me demanding my attention, but about each moment that passes, to treasure it and live in it fully.

He is calling me to let go of the things that are simply not important and embrace fully those things that through doing them bring me pleasure and joy and closer to Him.

He is calling me to worry less about how I think I should be or what I think I should be doing and embrace who He created me to be, with my gifts and strengths and personality.

He is calling me to love well but leave the results up to Him. He is calling me to let go of holding on so tightly to my desires and open my hand and allow Him to work right here, where we are, whatever that may look like.

He is calling me to rest my body and rest in Him daily through whatever tasks are in front of me and who He is shaping me to be as each day goes by.

It's an interesting shift in my mindset, yet I think it is vital. I want to experience this rest and confidence in Him, the kind that only He can give.

May we all find rest in Him alone.

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