Settling into Routine

My kids thrive in routine. Being out of routine causes all sorts of chaos. Therefore, I have grown to thrive in routine as well. Actually, it comes quite naturally to be in a rhythm or routine.

Yet the last few months I have felt very out of routine and not being able to find something that works for our family for this current season of life (which changes sometimes each month as my kids develop and grow and pass milestones).

We love to be out of the house having fun and being busy, but yet there is so much to do at home that we cannot be out every day.

This is causing me to pause and reconsider what we do and why (or why not) it is important.

I want to eliminate the things of little to no value to make room for what is truly worthy of our time.

I want our values to line up with how we spend our days. I want my mothering goals to be achieved through my pursuits with my kids. I want to create a lifestyle of learning that surpasses the hours we spend at our school table. In short...

I want to craft a life of meaning and purpose through the routine of our daily life.

I'm trying to figure out how to best do that! Because that kind of life, it is not going to come naturally. It will only come by being purposeful and pursuing things of value to me and my family.

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