The Mission of Motherhood {Book Review}

A picture of the kids from this past Christmas, 2018

I've wanted to read a Sally Clarkson book on motherhood for as long as I've known of her, which is at least 9 years. I don't know what exactly caused me to wait so long. But I am glad that I finally took the leap and read The Mission of Motherhood.

I ordered the print book first but felt intimated by it. So, when I saw it was on sale last summer, I snagged it on kindle. I read books much better on my Kindle than in print anyway.

I started reading it immediately but took it very slow. I had a difficult time getting into it, to be honest. I often times will get intimated by longer books because I read slow and steady, therefore it seems like a daunting task to read a lengthy book. Plus I go through waves of interest. I might not pick a book up for a month if I can't muster up the interest. That's why I read so many books at once, my interest fluctuates.

But just in the last month I really hit my stride with this book and started to devour it. I'm so glad I did.

There is such rich content in this book. It truly is a wonderful guide to mothering, and from a seasoned mother at that!

I already shared a great quote in this post. So, I won't share that again. But here are some other gems.

I love this one about how we are anchoring our children's hearts.
As we tenderly care for our children, meeting their needs, teaching them and guiding them, praying for them and modeling our faith, we are also anchoring their hearts to our home, our values, and our beliefs.
The idea of being an anchoring presence in our children's lives stands out to me. I remember a training I went to on foster parenting where they gave the illustration that foster kids are often walking around with no anchor holding them steady. They've lost so much, they can feel like they are roaming this earth without anything tying them down to reality. A loving home and mother can be an anchor.

And this quote below has such great benefit when you feel like you aren't getting anywhere with your kids or living a purposeful life that is measurable in someway. Ah, that elusive idea of being able to measure or see your efforts clearly. This gives me hope!
As a woman now pushing fifty, I realize that those foundational years in the life of a child—those same years when I sometimes thought I was accomplishing nothing—have a lasting effect on almost every aspect of the rest of that child’s life.

It's far too easy to get discouraged on this journey of motherhood. I struggle greatly with feelings of failure or inadequacy. Wondering if I'm doing a well enough job or truly reaching my children's hearts. This book gave me a fresh hope and renewed my purpose.

I could add so much more, but instead, I'd encourage you to pick up a copy. Here is an easy link to snag it yourself:

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