We Need Each Other

I remember the times I went to bed with tears soaking my pillow and thoughts running through my mind as fast as a car zooming by on a race track. Am I strong enough? Can I do this? Am I actually going to get through?

I wanted to be a mother for as long as I could remember yet I was facing struggle after struggle with my new-to-me children as they grieved the loss of the life they knew and tried to find out which way was up in this new house with new faces and new food and new expectations.

I cried myself to sleep those nights doubting my strength and ability to keep going on, feeling absolutely alone in the world with this burden weighing heavy on my shoulders.

Are you there now, sweet new friend?
  • Are you weary from this hard work of mothering children who have suffered through trauma and live scarred by the life they once knew?
  • Are you wondering if life is ever going to feel normal?
  • Are you wondering if you have the strength to keep going each day?
  • Are you wondering how in the world to love these children that just keep hurting your heart and spitting in your face?
  • Are you wondering if your marriage will survive the stress of it all?
  • Are you wondering where God is, in the midst of all the hard stuff and overwhelming mess and chaos that has become your life?

I'm here to tell you: You are not alone.

I have been there. Many times, I can easily find myself there again.

We need each other. We need a space to share honestly, without judgment. We need women who are willing to say "me too" after you share about your struggles with your child that just pushes every single button possible to get you fired up (for example, ahem).

I wish I had intentionally sought out community in my darkest hours. I wish I had the support system I have now when I was struggling every single day to get through. However, I wasn't brave enough to reach out. I didn't have the energy it took to put myself out there.

I urge each of you today, find someone who you can count on. Who can breathe life into you throughout the week, when you are facing difficulties, when you feel like you are drowning. We need each other! This life feels nearly impossible without someone to help carry your burden.

God never leaves you. I know how cliché that sounds. Yet I wholeheartedly believe that to be a great Gospel truth. Even on my darkest day, God was with me. Even when I didn't feel like I had the strength to get through, God was giving me exactly what I needed to press on. Even when I felt like no one knew what I was facing or how I felt, God was there and He heard my cries.

I didn't always feel Him near me, yet I believe He never left my side. Even when we have no one around to help carry our burden, He is there calling us to find peace and rest in Him. He is there whispering hope into our hearts when we fear we don't have it in us to keep moving on.

I have already prayed for each person reading this to have someone in their life they can share with, or for someone to seek them out. In case you don't have that right now though, I can't physically wrap my arms around you and give you a hug, but I'd would be honored to boldly lift prayers up in your name. Shoot me an e-mail at ashleykwells at gmail dot com.

Wherever you are right now, I pray that you would find encouragement and remember that God is there, this very moment, calling you to Him.

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