February in Review

Toward the end of each month, I will post a review of my 2019 goals, what I'm currently reading, as well as other tidbits of information. I hope you like these monthly posts. Let me know if you'd like to see other information in this roundup!

February Goals

  • Get my steps every day | This continues to be a struggle. But I'm hoping to make some progress on this next month with the help of extra margin in my day or developing a new morning habit of walking.
  • No sugar during the week | This month was busy and hard and I failed at this goal most days. I mindlessly went through the days, eating whatever I wanted. Boo!
  • Read a book every day | This is extra reading other than my nightly reading. I struggled to make this a habit.
  • Listen to a podcast weekly | I love listening to podcasts, so this was an easy one. I had simply gotten out of the routine of regular listening. I achieved this goal each week.
  • Go on a walk weekly | I did not do this at all. 
  • Brainstorm for Mothering with Purpose weekly | I did this all but one week! WooHoo!
  • Go to the YMCA weekly | I only achieved this goal once. Like I said, it's been a busy and hard month.
  • Together in the Trenches prep | I got half of it done. Well, kind of. I still have more to do next month.
  • Put together a tax return plan with Michael | We got this done and I'm really excited about what we are doing!
Overall this month was a really hard month, and I struggled to make progress on my goals. But I'm not going to let that get me down too much. Tomorrow is a new day and a new month is right around the corner.

Currently Reading

  • New Morning Mercies | I'll be reading this all year long.
  • Hello Mornings | I'm almost done with this and have found it to be so inspiring and encouraging.
  • Cozy Minimalist Home | I'm almost done with this and it makes me want to do some work in our house to make it more inviting and cozy!
  • The One Hour Content Plan | This is helping me shape who YOU are. My ideal readers. And brainstorm how to create content that you want to read.

My Favorite Things

  • Netflix. I could literally list this every month. But specifically, this month I was sick for several days and it was nice to watch some shows while I was resting.
  • I'm trying to build a better read-aloud routine with the kids, and it's a favorite thing having them begging to read another chapter of whatever book we are reading. Love that so much! 
  • Stitch Fix. For real! I've been waiting all day for my box to arrive!!!!
  • My church Bible Study. We are doing Jen Wilkin's God of Covenant study and although it can be challenging, it has been so good for me.

Top Three Blog Posts

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