He Will Supply Every Need

As we were driving in the van recently I was whining in my head about how I really wanted queso. I was throwing the biggest pity party EVER as we passed Qdoba and I daydreamed about grabbing a snack of melted cheese deliciousness. All of a sudden, from the back of the van, Jonathan (my oldest son) started complaining about being thirsty and wishing we would go to Sonic, inquiring if it was happy hour.

I replied to him saying it was not happy hour, and we would not be stopping today to get drinks. He began sulking and displaying that wonderful pouty-face every mom loves. I then, not-so-gracefully, started singing from the driver seat, "You can't always get what you want." As I finished the simple line I realized I needed to hear my words more than he did in that moment.

I don't always get what I want. I want my kids to not bicker as they come downstairs for breakfast first thing in the morning. I want to have more money so we aren't eating from our pantry towards the end of each month. I want to have a spa day and relax without children pulling on my clothes or rubbing food on my shirt as they give me hugs. I want to be able to read a book without near-constant distraction.

I may not always get I want, and honestly shouldn't always get what I want. But, I get what I need.

The bickering as my kids are coming downstairs is a welcomed sound compared to the silence of a childless home that tortured me previously. No matter how little money and how much month is left, we never go without eating.

No matter how bleak things seem, or how my heart so easily shifts to a spirit of complaining, my needs are met. I simply need to alter my perspective and see everything as a gift from the Giver Himself, who even cares for the birds of the field. How much more so He cares for us!

One of the most-clear ways I recognized God supplying every need of mine was shortly after we got our kids. Each day I wondered if I could get through, past the exhaustion. I wondered if I would actually make it to the end of each day. Yet, each day He provided. Each day I had just enough energy to keep going.

When you are wondering how you are going to get through, or struggling with the wants in your life, know that He will provide.

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