What I Learned This Winter

I love to read and listen to anything that Emily P. Freeman does. And I love her quarterly posts sharing what she learned each season. I'm excited to tag along and share what I learned too!

1. My kids will beg me to read more.

I'm working on building a better read-aloud habit with my kids and I learned that they like this too! They will oftentimes beg for me to read more. Now, it involves lots of wiggles and interruption too. But so far it's been worth it!

2. I can do it scared.

I heard this concept of doing it scared from my friend Sandi who listens to Ruth Soukup's podcast Do It Scared (which I've started listening to as well). Ruth explains it like this, "Do It Scared™ is based on the idea that courage is action in the face of fear. It is putting one foot in front of the other, even when we’re not quite sure where the path will lead us."

There was a teacher development class offered my church that with a friend's nudging I signed up for. The problem was the first night (and spoiler alert: every single step through the class) I was terrified. I thought I wouldn't measure up or would fail or just plain look stupid. But I did it anyway. And at the end of the class, after I had to give a 10-minute talk, I was glad I did it. It was a great learning experience.

3. My kids travel well.

I feel like I already knew this, but I relearned it again. Our kids truly travel well. It makes me want to plan some kind of road trip!

4. Michael is a rockstar when I am sick.

This I definitely knew already, but still surprises me whenever I am sick. Michael steps up to the plate and I can just worry about getting well while he takes care of everything else. He literally even did school with the kids and took them to the library. Rockstar I tell you. I'm so blessed.

5. Habits make the world go round.

Yes! And amen! I plan to write more about habits at some point. But the simple point is this: life can get crazy and out of control, but if you have strong habits, what needs to get done gets done.

Read what others learned this winter over at Emily's blog. And I'd love to hear what you learned this winter in the comments below!


  1. So great! We just finished The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe this month too. Reading aloud has helped make these dreary winter days feel a little less bleak for us. I'm glad your kids are enjoying it!

    1. Yes!! Dreary days are made a little better with a good book!


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