March Goals

Yes, the quote was from a book about home decorating, but the sentence struck me deeply. (Ignore the mess in the picture. Clearly, I didn't style this photo. Ha!)

When we have clarity and purpose, we find motivation and confidence. -Myquillin Smith

That is what goal setting is all about in a nutshell! When we find our purpose and priorities, and write them down and keep them in front of us, we are choosing what is important in this season of life. From there we should move and act from a place of motivation and confidence knowing that we are doing what we are called to do!

You tracking with me friends?

When I lack motivation and confidence, it could be because I'm acting without purpose. It could be that I don't have clarity as to why I'm doing what I'm doing. The antidote? Live from a place of purpose. Lean into wherever God has you right now with clarity and purpose. And then our days should be filled with confidence that we are putting our energy in the right places.

My 2019 goals are here if you are interested. From that starting place, here's where I'm confidently pouring my energy this month:

Daily Goals

  • Get my steps each day | I'm working on a plan to better achieve this goal. The simple truth is I need to move more!
  • No sugar during the week | Like I said in my February in Review, I struggled greatly with this goal last month. I'm hoping to do better during March.
  • Meet my water goal each day | I've fallen out of this habit but I know staying hydrated is so important, so I'm adding it back to my goals this month.
  • Read a book | This is above and beyond my nightly reading. I'm trying to develop a habit of daytime reading as well.

Weekly Goals

  • Listen to a podcast | I've fallen out of this habit, but I enjoy it so much. This should be an easy goal.
  • Go on a walk | The weather should be more suitable this month to achieve this goal.
  • Brainstorm for Mothering with Purpose
  • Deep clean something | It doesn't matter what. I just sense the need to do some deep cleaning around the house this coming month.
  • Read aloud to the kids | We've fallen out of the habit, but I'm working hard to gain it back. Thankfully the kids are enjoying it, so that helps! Once we are doing better about doing it a couple times a week, I may move this to a daily goal.
  • Pray for our church
  • Connect with each of the kids | This is intentional one-on-one connection I'm looking for.

Monthly Goals

  • Celebrate Christina's Birthday | This is my younger daughter. She's turning 8!
  • Pray over my friendships
  • Pray over my home and influence
  • Start our debt snowball | I'm so excited that we paid off a debt this month. That means we get to start snowballing!

Where are you being called to purposefully put your energy this month? Share in the comments! I'd love to hear!


  1. These sound like wonderful goals! I'm excited for your debt snowball. We just made our last debt payment last month and I cannot tell you what a huge relief it is. I'm rooting for you :)

    1. Go you!!! I can't wait to be debt free! Thanks for the encouragement.


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