April Goals

Spring is here and with it comes open windows and blooming trees and a newness of life. It truly is remarkable.

Now, you may notice that it is April 17th when I'm posting these goals. And listen, I know too. I can't believe how fast April has gone by already. I've been meaning to write this post, then I didn't get to it, then I thought why even write it at this point.

But, here's the truth: done is better than perfect. 

I can't remember where I heard that saying from. But it rings true here and in much of life. We can push ourselves to do something and sometimes won't start it until the timing is perfect and everything is in line. But friends, how often do perfect circumstances find us? Rarely.

So we press into what matters in the here and now and pursue intentional life. It's not perfected living. It's often messy and hard. But it's progress. It means getting things done even when it's not going to be perfect. So, here we go. Posting my monthly goals on the 17th.

My 2019 goals are here if you are interested. From that starting place, here's where I'm attempting to press in this month:

Daily Goals

  • Get my steps each day | This is still a struggle, but I'm going to keep working at it.
  • No sugar during the week | I failed pretty badly with this goal last month, and haven't done much better yet. But there's still time to make progress.
  • Meet my water goal each day | Still struggling here. But it's important. So I'm going to keep it.
  • Read a book | This is above and beyond my nightly reading. I'm trying to develop a habit of daytime reading as well.

Weekly Goals

  • Listen to a podcast | I love listening to podcasts, but I don't always prioritize it. I want to change that.
  • Go on a walk | Made great progress on this goal last month. I hope to keep the momentum.
  • Brainstorm for Mothering with Purpose | Hoping to do better with this goal again this month.
  • Read aloud to the kids | Progress is happening, but not as quickly as I would like. So this goal is a rollover from last month.
  • Pray for our church
  • Connect with each of the kids | This is intentional one-on-one connection I'm looking for.

Monthly Goals

  • Celebrate Kyle's Birthday | This is my youngest child. He's turning 7!
  • Pray over my friendships
  • Pray over my home and influence

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