5 Things I Learned this Homeschool Year {2018-2019}

We are in full summer swing around here. Now, this doesn’t mean we aren’t doing school. I would classify us as year-round homeschoolers. But we are in a different routine and structure.

In this process of closing out our past year, I’ve been pondering some things that I learned and thought I would share with you!

For this school year, I had a six-grade student as well as two first-grade students.

Here's what I learned:

1. Routine is gold!

This is the first year that we have been able to do school at the same time every day and each week the same days. This has been huge for us. Our schedule just never allowed it to happen this way before. But now that I've seen what great success a steady routine has, I don't ever want to go back to our old way. It truly was like night and day in terms of ease due to the structure of the routine.

2. Teaching kids to read is extremely difficult.

I should add, teaching kids to read is extremely difficult for us. I’ve shared this a little bit in our 100 book summer challenge for 1st graders, but this has been my biggest struggle this year. Seriously, anyone that is close to me knows this has been weighing on me greatly. I know they will eventually learn to read, but this process has caused me a lot of stress along the way. It's hard when learning doesn't come naturally.

3. I need regular breaks.

We tried going nine weeks straight without a break and it was miserable. This is a great reminder as to why I homeschool year-round, because we can take breaks when we need them. 

4. The library is my best friend. 

We had gotten out of the habit of our weekly visits, but this year it came back stronger and better than ever. We love our library and I don’t feel like I could homeschool as efficiently without the use of our local library. 

5. We miss community.

We haven’t been in the co-op for several years and we are starting to feel that. We need community. We miss it very much. And I’m excited that we are joining another co-op this fall.

Are you a homeschool teacher? What did you learn this year?

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