A 100 Book Summer Challenge Update {and an early reader book list!}

I thought I'd give an update on our 100 Book Summer Challenge as well as a book list of what we are enjoying so far! This has already been a learning experience for me.

Here's the update first. 

We are going slower than I thought we would. I'm trying to not push the kids too hard. I want them to want to read. So that is taking more time. I'm okay with that. We might just stretch our challenge into the fall a little bit as well. Officially, we are about a quarter of the way through the challenge.

Now the book list!

This is my first time making a book list and it was fun putting it together. Based on the feedback, maybe I'll share the books we are loving more often.

These books are thanks partly to Amazon but mostly to our local library. I have been super impressed with the early reader section at our library. Although sometimes it's difficult to nail down the level and find ones that aren't too challenging where the kids get more frustrated than anything else.

I've been doing my best to keep tons of fresh books in front of the kids. Below are the ones we are especially enjoying so far! I've got them all linked and pictured below. And they are ordered somewhat in terms of difficulty.

Bob Books

We've read through Set 1 and Set 2 already. And I just ordered Set 3 last week. So far, these have mostly been confidence boosters. But it's still practice nonetheless.

Tug the Pup Books

I found these at our local library and I am so glad! These have been perfect my kiddos. We are currently in Set 1. But I've got Set 2 and Set 3 for when we are ready. These have more of a story than Bob Books, so they are enjoying that.

National Geographic Kids 

We've found several of the Pre-Reader books at our library and they are a great fit. If you have animal lovers, they will especially love the pictures and stories in these books. Below are the ones we've read, but here are some more.

Sports Illustrated Kids

This is also thanks to our library! We've only read Baseball Buzz, but I'm looking forward to the other books.

Splat the Cat

These have been fun, but definitely more challenging than the rest of the books listed here. Below are the ones we've read, but there are a ton of them available.

There you have it! Our favorite books that we've read so far in this challenge. Hopefully you've found some new ones along the way! Feel free to share below if you have some ideas that I should check out!

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