How I use reminders on my phone to rule my life

I honestly don't know what I'd do without my phone. I use it for so many purposes. One of which I want to share with you today.


Now, I have an iPhone, so I'll be explaining how I use the Reminders function on my device. I'm not sure if Android devices have the same capability.

When you talk about planners, you always talk about the importance of writing things down in them. Getting ideas or events or notes out of your head and on to paper so you'll remember and get it done. As a side note, another important component of planners is actually looking at them and using them.

Another way that I get things out of my head, though, is by using reminders on my phone.

When I'm thinking of something I need to get done and I'm not by my planner to write it down, I'll use my phone to help me remember. Or sometimes, honestly, it's easier to simply use my phone to remind me instead of writing it on my planner.

For example, every weekday at 3:00 pm I have a reminder to do reading review with my little kids. The notification goes off and reminds me that this is something I want to do each day. It's planned. And I don't have to remember it myself or look at the clock to make sure I don't miss the time. My phone reminds me that I want to do this important thing each day. Therefore, it's more likely to get done.

As you can see above, I've also got a reminder to lay out the next day's meat for dinner. This helps me keep my menu plan working so I don't have a moment of chaos when I realize I forgot to lay out the meat and dinner is in an hour. Setting up this reminder has saved money and stress!

I also use the Reminders function to help me keep my habits going strong. Like writing in my one-line-a-day journal. Or updating our EveryDollar app each day. These are things I generally remember to do as part of my nightly routine. But there have been times I have forgotten and been reminded with my phone. This makes my life easier.

I truly rule my life with reminders. It helps me get important things out of my head and done!

Here are some other things I've been known to use the reminders function for:

  • laundry ("Remind me in an hour to switch the laundry to the dryer")
  • starting a crockpot meal the next morning ("Remind me tomorrow morning at 9:00 am to start dinner in the crockpot")
  • add items to my grocery list ("Remind me on Thursday to add ketchup to my grocery list")
  • charge our Kindle fire to prepare for the upcoming week of school ("Remind me every Sunday at 7:00 pm to charge the kindle fire")
  • to pack lunch for an outing ("Remind me Wednesday night at 7:30 pm to pack lunches for the Science Center")
  • to buy something while I'm running errands ("Remind me Tuesday at 1:00 pm to buy a thank you card for...")
  • to do something when I come home ("Remind me when I arrive at home to find the missing library book")
  • post a weekly check-in in a facebook group ("Remind me every Monday at 8:30 am to post in the Intentional Living Ladies Facebook group")

Now, I will say that an important piece of using the reminders to help you get stuff done is to actually look at your phone when you get a notification. I always keep my phone close to me wherever I am so I see if my husband texts or if a reminder goes off or because I'm using a timer. My phone is generally within an arm's reach.

There is a slight concern about being ruled by my phone. However, my phone is not the boss of me. I simply use it to help make life easier and get what's important to me done.

In what ways do you use the Reminders function on your phone? Share below!

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