How to Plan a Purposeful Summer for YOU

I talked about how to plan a purposeful summer with your kids earlier this week. Today I wanted to talk about how to plan a purposeful summer for YOU!!!

I've shared honestly about how I'm struggling with my goals lately. In some ways, I've thrown in the towel for a short time on my major goals. They just didn't feel right anymore. And since writing that post, I haven't yet felt the urge to re-evaluate and start fresh. However, I wanted to be purposeful this summer.

I pondered what it would look like to plan a purposeful summer for me. Simplified. One that doesn't have too much pressure and isn't focused on major areas of my life. Because I'm just not there yet. So I brainstormed what to do.

Here's the plan!

1. Consider your priorities.

What do you feel is important right now to focus in on for the next couple of months? There's beauty in this being a season. You can really zoom in on what you want to prioritize without the pressure of holding on to it for a whole year. This is short-term thinking for just this season. And don't make it too complicated! I would prayerfully consider only having 3-5 priorities.

For example, maybe you have a child that just graduated and one of your priorities is to spend lots of quality time together before they go off to college in the fall. Or maybe you have a child preparing to enter kindergarten and you want to work on school preparation. Or maybe you have extra time in the summer and you want to prioritize reading through your to-read pile. The options are endless here! The important thing to consider is what is most important to you, in this season of your life, for this season of the year.

For me, one of my priorities is going to be reading with and to my children. I'm planning to blog about this soon, but I challenged my little two kids (just finishing 1st grade) to read 100 books this summer. I'm talking easy reader books because they are still struggling to read. This is something they can't do on their own though. So I consider that reading with my kids. It's also important for me to read to the kids. I'm working really hard to make this a more consistent habit and summer is a perfect time, in my opinion, to build it up.

Here's what my priorities for this season are:

  • Read with the kids and support them through our summer reading challenge.
  • Read to the kids.
  • Have a fun summer accomplishing our bucket list.

You may notice that these all have to do with my kids. I'm okay with that for this season. I truly want to build them up and spend fun times with them. This is what is life-giving to me right now. I'm in a good place emotionally and mentally. I've got good habits going for my own personal wellbeing. So this is what a purposeful summer for me looks like this year.

In years past I might have had other priorities that were more centered on my wellbeing or growing in a skill. Things like having a daily quiet hour, spending time out with a friend each week, working on a cross-stitch project each day, having a weekly date in with my husband, or blogging three times a week. This season is simply calling for something different from me.

2. Turn your priorities into action items.

How can you accomplish your priorities? Come up with 2-3 items for each priority that you can do to make it happen.

Going with the above examples, for your high school graduate you might have an action item to do at least one thing fun together each week. For your upcoming kindergartener, you might have an action item to work on school preparation at least 3 times a week. For the ambitious reader, you might have an action item to read 1 book a week.

Here are my action items:

  • Read with the kids and support them through our summer reading challenge.
    • Read at least 5 books a week with the littles.
    • Go to the library weekly to keep new book options available.
  • Read to the kids.
    • Read outloud at least 3 times a week.
    • Finish reading Narnia.
  • Have a fun summer accomplishing our bucket list.
    • Complete at least 1 item on our bucket list each week.

These don't have to be complicated. Again, keep it simple for your own sanity.

3. Make it happen!

Now you have to actually follow through to make your priorities happen. This means adding it to your planner. Or setting reminders on your phone (another thing I plan to blog about soon!).

For some of your action items you might want a tracker or chart of some kind. For our 100 book challenge, I printed a 100 chart and hung it up. Whenever the kids read a book, they get to color in a square on the chart.

Find what method works best for making it happen and use it fully. We want to be purposeful not to just writing down our ideas but making it happen.

Here's to having a purposeful summer!

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