How To Plan Your Week (and a FREE planner printable)

How I spend an hour on Sundays makes my whole week better!

I believe in taking proactive steps to set myself up for success. That way I'm not simply reacting to my life, but I'm prepared and ready, at least as much as I can be.

I have set preparation time every night (I'll share my evening routine later this week!) as well as on Sundays. I call my time on Sundays my Planning Hour.

This Planning Hour truly sets me up for success in my weekly pursuits.

Practically speaking, a Planning Hour is time set aside to prepare and plan for the week ahead.

Your Planning Hour may look different than mine. But I do 3 main things each Sunday during my Planning Hour:

1. Menu Plan

I go grocery shopping on Mondays after we complete school. So it is important to start the week with a menu plan and grocery list. It makes my Monday go much smoother when I can get this done on Sunday. It allows me to focus on school in the morning, knowing that my grocery list is ready when I am.

2. Write My Schedule Out

My husband and I use Google Calendar for our main scheduling concerns. However, each week I look at the week ahead and write it out on my paper planner. This helps me keep track of my time better because it is right in front of me on paper. I'm not constantly checking my phone for what is coming next. 

3. Check My Goals

Lastly, I check-in with my monthly goals during this time. It helps me see where I'm at in terms of accomplishing my goals and helps me set my Daily and Weekly goals for the week ahead. I go ahead and fill in those goals on my planner during this time too.

Recently my planner wasn't serving me as well as it had in the past. So I set out to find a new one to help me organize my time and to-do list better. However, I couldn't find one that met all of my desires.

Therefore, I set out to design a planner that had what I was looking for. I'm so excited to offer this planner to you too! And for free.

Interested in my FREE planner printable? I designed this vertical weekly layout because I just couldn't find the right planner to provide what I wanted. Maybe it will fit your lifestyle as well?

There is a weekly space for Inspiring Words, Daily Goals (or habits you are trying to build), as well as Weekly Goals. Then there is a column each day that has one line each for the hours 7 am - 9 pm, Your Top Task, 3 To Do Spaces, Notes Section, as well as a line for Dinner plans.

I've been using this planner for three weeks now and I've had so many more productive days. I believe that it because I have a simple and clear vision for what I want to accomplish and it's all right in front of me.

Maybe it will help you too?

Preview and download the planner pages from Google Drive:

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