My Battle with Blogging

I used to blog. And I was all in. I had strategies and made money and found myself feeling successful (to my standards, although I still had a small blog).

The problem was that I was neglecting my real-life priorities on the altar of blogging. I pushed aside more important things to keep my blogging schedule and stay active on social media. My house was constantly in disarray and my relationships were struggling. But my blog was thriving.

It has to be different this time around.

I can't blog about mothering with purpose while neglecting what matters most.

There has to be a balance. It can't be all or nothing.

That means that although my goal is to publish new content at least twice a week, that may not happen if home life demands more from me.

I've got to "practice what I preach" and live my life in such a way that I can share it authentically with you.

I have loved creating this space and sharing my heart. It has been a joy to reignite my passion for writing and sharing in this way.

But I can't seek success here to the detriment of my family. 

So this may look different than other blogs you read. But I hope you are okay with it.


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