My Evening Routine

Yes, I am indeed sharing my evening routine before sharing my morning routine. Why?

I believe what you do at night sets you up to have a productive morning. 

Do you follow? How we end our day, in my opinion, directly correlates to how our next day begins. 

If we end our day stressed out, at least for me, I don't sleep as well and will likely wake up still feeling some level of stress.

However, if we can move into a more relaxed state, by completing our routine or other tasks that can help us, we can end the day restfully. Sleeping well. And ready for the next day to begin upon waking.

Now, I share my routine not as rules to follow but as something that I hope will encourage you as you build your own routine and find ways to end your day restfully.

Here's what I do in the evening:

1. Once the children are in bed, I stay upstairs in my room ushering in the new, more quiet, state of our house.

I love this about my evenings. Truly. The quiet. The stillness. The time to myself. It helps me calm down and decompress after whatever day I've had.

2. I will look over my planner to see how the day ended up.

I will mark off things I got accomplished that I forgot to mark off. I'll move over tasks to the next day that didn't get done.

3. I write in my One Line A Day Journal.

I love doing this. I'm now in my second year writing in this journal and it has been a fun experience. Especially as I continue to add to it and see what I was doing last year at the same time.

4. I look over the next day's calendar.

I already shared about how we use Google Calendars, but I also use a paper planner. At night, I will open Google Calendar to make sure that nothing changed from Sunday when I wrote it out. If things need to be moved around, I do it now.

5. I write my To-Do List for the next day.

This is simple enough. I may have already added some things to my list, or it may be blank. Either way, I look over my schedule for the next day, remind myself of my Daily and Weekly Goals and fill out the To-Do List section on my planner.

6. I pray.

I thank God for the day behind me and pray for the next day. I also use the Daily Prayer app and do the evening prayer. At this point, I then put my phone away for the night.

7. I read from New Morning Mercies.

I know, it's supposed to be read in the morning. But I read it at night to end my day.

8. I read another book.

Whatever other books I have going on my kindle I pick up at this time. I try to read one chapter from a book each night.

9. I take my medicine.

Anchoring this into my nightly routine helps me to make sure I don't forget it.

10. I turn off the lights by 10 pm.

At this point, I'm ready to close my eyes and go to sleep. I try my hardest to have the lights off by 10 pm.

That sums it up. It may seem like a lot written out like this, but truly it doesn't take too long at all.

And I do believe that doing these things at night help me to have a successful morning!

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