My Morning Routine

I already shared my recent experience trying to become a morning person along with 5 steps to help you wake up with purpose. And Wednesday I shared about how my nights truly impact my mornings and set me up for success.

I haven't gotten up early every morning in the last month. But most mornings I now find myself getting up early and starting my day with more purpose.

What does that look like?

For me, it's been really simple. I currently get up 30 minutes before my kids and do the following:

1. Take my medicine and drink a glass of water.

I think it's important to hydrate first thing in the morning.

2. Come downstairs to my favorite chair.

I almost tiptoe down the stairs so I don't wake anyone up. Although, everybody knows that they can't come downstairs until 8 am.

3. Sync my fitness wristband to its app to track my sleep.

I track my sleep using my fitness wristband. I do this as part of my morning routine so that I don't forget as the day gets started.

4. Pray.

I use the same app that I shared yesterday: The Daily Prayer App. I really enjoy this app and it has helped me be more consistent to pray.

5. Read the Word.

I love starting my day in the Word. Currently, I'm reading through Nehemiah in preparation for our fall Bible Study at church. I'll use this morning time to do my Bible Study once it starts next month.

I hope this encourages you that your morning routine doesn't have to be complicated or even lengthy. It's just about starting your day with purpose.

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