Our 2019-2020 Curriculum Choices (2nd- & 7th-Grade)

There's almost always a mess in our schoolroom. That's because we use it all day long!

I love seeing what other people are using to teach their kids. So I thought I would share our curriculum choices too.

I love the freedom homeschooling offers parents to teach in a way their child best learns and to teach them at their own pace. 

I also love that besides the required topics, we have the freedom to choose what our children learn as well!

I'll be homeschooling two 2nd-grade students this year as well as a 7th-grade student.

Our main curriculum is My Father's World (MFW). We love it and have used it for many years. This will, however, be my first time teaching this year's topic: Adventures in U.S. History. I'm really excited, as are the children. As you'll see below, we mostly use the recommendations from My Father's World for other topics as well.

Here's what we will be using this year!

2nd Grade

  • Bible | We will be using MFW and learning the names of Jesus. I'm really excited about this. It looks like we spend two weeks studying each name. Names such as Light of the World, Bread of Life, Immanuel, and Lamb of God.
  • History and Geography (includes Civics) | We will be using MFW and studying U.S. History and Geography. We are thrilled about this!!! We will also be talking about Civics along the way, as this is a required subject in our state. There is a ton of supplemental items such as read-aloud books and I've found some great map-related activities that we will do as well. I simply couldn't include every resource in the picture above or even on this list. I do think I'm going to add a homeschool update to my Month in Review posts and I'll share more about what we are doing there each month.
  • Language Arts (includes Reading and Writing and Grammar) | We will be using Language Lessons for Today Grade 2. This will be my second time working through this book and I simply love it! It offers short, easy-to-teach lessons that include various skills needed.
  • Phonics Review | As my kids are still struggling with their reading, we will be doing daily review through our phonics program. Not pictured above.
  • Spelling | We will be using Spelling by Sound and Structure. I've used this before as well.
  • Math | We will be using Singapore Math, level 1A and 1B.
  • Science | We will be studying varies topics this year, kind of a big overview of the world of science. Topics like seasons, water, weather, human body, and magnets. 
  • Art | We will be working our way through the I Can Do All Things art curriculum. I'm excited about this art program and our littles learning basic art skills.

7th Grade

  • Bible | Same as our 2nd-grade students, shared above.
  • History and Geography (includes Civics) | We will be going through the Adventures in U.S. History with the littles, but we will be heavily supplementing with materials from the Exploration to 1850 curriculum from MFW to make it on her grade level. I didn't want to teach two different levels, and I wasn't ready for our littles to join the family cycle MFW recommends yet. So this is the solution I came up with. 
  • Reading | I forgot to purchase the materials for this, but our daughter will be reading through The Witch of Blackbird Pond and completing a Progeny Press literature guide. Not pictured above.
  • Grammar | We will be using Applications of Grammar. This will be my first time using this. I'm kind of nervous. 
  • Writing | Our daughter will be starting Level B of Writing Skills for Today. We started this writing program late in the game. I'm actually hoping she might be able to do Level B and C this year. But we will see.
  • Spelling | We are trying a new program this year, an online program, called Sequential Spelling. Our daughter really struggles with spelling and it has been very difficult to find the right program for her. We will see how this one goes. Not pictured above.
  • Math | Math has been the second most difficult subject for our daughter. She is about a year behind where she "should" be. She is progressing wonderfully though, and I'm not stressed about it. Neither is she. We will be completing Singapore Math, level 5A and 5B, this year. She may make it into 6A, but we will see how the pace works out for her.
  • Science | Same as our 2nd-grade students, shared above. Plus I'm hoping our co-op will offer some middle school science classes. If not, there is a drop off co-op I've considered putting her in for science.
  • Typing | We are trying out the typing program from The Good and the Beautiful. We will be working through Typing 1. Depending on her speed, I might order Typing 2 sometime during the year so we can continue. I was drawn to this program because it simply uses a workbook and a word processing program.
There you have it! Our year at a glance.

Like I mentioned above, I may go ahead and add a Homeschool Update in my Month in Review posts where I share our read-aloud books and other things we are doing. 

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