Our 2019-2020 School Rhythm (2nd- & 7th-grade)

We start our new school year in one week! Eeek!!! Am I ready? I hope so!

Today I wanted to share with you our new school rhythm or my plan for how to accomplish school each day with my three homeschooling kids.

Routine and structure and rhythm are so vital to how we live our lives and it helps set us up for success.

I saw proof of this last year in our school year.

We had never before been able to have the same exact rhythm every day in our school each week. We always had to rotate the days we did school and sometimes did it in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon. We fit it in when we could. Life demanded that of us.

But not last year. Last year I cleared our schedule and made space for a rhythm. We did school every morning Monday through Thursday. Not perfectly, but it was amazing! We had many fewer arguments about starting school. We didn't have as much hassle switching subjects and moving through each day. Having a consistent rhythm truly made a huge impact.

Rightfully so, I am sticking with a rock-solid rhythm as much as I can.

My main plan is to do school Monday through Thursday again. However, we will have a little bit of switching up days when we start our co-op. Co-op is on Thursday, therefore, we will move our last day of the week to Friday when we have co-op. This is worth it to me because we miss co-op very much. Because of this, I'm willing to make sacrifices to fit it in.

I've got our rhythm pictured above, and I'll share it in written form in just a minute.

First a note, you may notice there are no times. That is because this is not a strict schedule to follow. It's more about how we flow through our morning. Not necessarily tied to times. Although, I do typically try to start school by 9 am.

Also, if you are curious about what curriculum we are using this year. I shared about our choices earlier this month.

Lastly, this year I will have two 2nd-grade students and one 7th-grade student. Our rhythm will reflect that. I will have to help our little kids a lot while Jazmine does much more independent work. Although, I will check-in with her throughout the morning to help as needed.

Here's our morning flow:

Math, English & Spelling with Christina

The little kids are much quicker at doing their morning routine (this includes getting ready and doing their morning chores), so they will start school first. I'll work with Christina (2nd-grade) on her Math, English, and Spelling while Kyle (2nd-grade) gets his computer time. We use and love the Homer Reading App and they can do it online too, not just through a phone. While we are doing this, Jazmine (7th-grade) is finishing her routines and then will start her extra history lesson.

Morning Time

Next, we will shift into our Morning Time where we are all together. I like to start with prayer and then an open-ended question (something like, "What would you do if you had $100?" or "If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?"). I like the open-ended question because it sparks conversation and is a fun way to get thinking. We like to do Bedtime Math during this time as well. Our main chunk of time will be spent on Bible, History, and Geography.

I'm sure that this time together will be shifting and changing as our needs change. But the foundation is here.


After Morning Time, we will all do our science together. This will sometimes include experiments and hands-on activities. Other times it will simply be talking about a new concept together.

Math, English & Spelling with Kyle

After our time together, we split back up. I will then do work with Kyle on his Math, English, and Spelling while Christina gets her computer time and Jazmine dives into her Grammar, Reading, and Writing lessons.

Snack Break and Read Aloud

This is going to be a fun part of our morning, I hope. We will gather at the table or in the family room and all share a snack while I read aloud. The book is part of our curriculum, so it helps bring to life the history that we are learning.

Art for the Little Kids and Spelling & Typing for Jazmine

After a snack, the little kids and I will move into our art lessons while Jazmine takes her turn on the computer doing her Spelling and Typing for the day.

Phonics Review & Reading for the Little Kids and Math & Science for Jazmine

During this time I will take turns doing Phonics Review and Reading with the little kids while Jazmine does her Math and Science.

Check-In with Jazmine

At this time, the little kids are done with their school and I am readily available to help Jazmine as she needs it. I will have checked in with her throughout the morning at times as well.

That explains it all! 

I want to finish this post by sharing that although I have made and hope that this rhythm works well for us. It is really a test-run those first couple of weeks and I may find myself tweaking the rhythm here and there. If I change anything, I'll share about it in my Month in Review posts to keep you updated!

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