Using Mantras to Change Our Thoughts

I don't know where I first heard about the idea of using mantras. It was probably in therapy. But I know that I didn't really start to harness the power of changing my self-talk using mantras until I stumbled on Allie's blog.

Note: Some people use the term affirmations instead of mantras. I just prefer the term mantras, so that's what I'll use here.

We can so easily get stuck in negative thought patterns. And these thoughts really start to impact our well-being and how we behave.

Our thought life is paramount in how we live our lives.

If we are stuck in a negative thought pattern that tells us we are failing as a mom. We will probably struggle to put forth effort or believe we are a good mom or have hope for each day. I'm speaking from personal experience here. This is exactly how it happens.

We have to control our thoughts and catch ourselves when we are stuck in negative thought patterns. 

I believe this is a similar idea as found in Romans 12:2 when Paul speaks of being transformed by renewing our minds.

We are to train our minds to think on things that are true and lovely (Philippians 4:8).

Repeating lies about ourselves, others, and the world will not benefit us. It will actually cause us to feel stuck.

That is not the kind of life I want to live. And I bet you are right there with me!

Another example is several years ago when I was struggling with how to interact with my struggling child. I was really having a hard time getting upset and yelling back. I was stuck in this place, thinking I couldn't do any better. But I began reciting to myself, "No matter what, I can respond out of love." This was a catalyst for change!

I began reciting mantras to myself to get out of the negative thought patterns. And it has worked wonderfully to change my thoughts and beliefs.

Want some inspiration for where to start? I simply printed off some of Allie's affirmations, added a few of my own, and hung them on my mirror where I could see them and recite them as I got ready for each day.

It really is that simple. Each morning I began reciting these mantras. Then throughout the day as I caught myself thinking negative thoughts, I would repeat the mantras again.

Slowly but surely the thoughts stopped creeping into my mind and I began to live more free from the debilitating lies I was repeating to myself every single day.

Do you struggle with your thoughts? Do you find yourself believing lies about yourself or those around you or the world?

I am proof that it is possible to find change in this area of your life. And it truly is simple!

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