What I Learned this Summer (along with our bucket list results!)

Monday is the first day of our new homeschool year! Summer is officially ending for us and that means our summer bucket list adventure has come to an end as well. I thought you all might like to hear the results of my plan for a purposeful summer with my kids.

I shared in the original post linked above how in summers past I have put too much pressure on myself and then struggled through this time feeling like a failure. I was determined for this summer to be different.

And it was!

I followed my plan and made space for fun in our summer!

Here's what we had planned and what we got to accomplish:
  • Pick strawberries
  • See a movie in a movie theater 
  • Go on a nature walk 
  • See James and the Giant Peach 
  • Visit Calypso Cove Waterpark
  • Visit the Science Center 
  • Visit the Zoo 
  • Participate in our church Vacation Bible School 
  • Go to an ice cream shop 
  • Day trip to Deam Lake 
  • Hang out with grandparents 
  • Go on a bike ride 
  • Movie night at home with popcorn and candy 
  • Visit family in Ohio

That's right! We did everything!!!

I am very happy with the results of having this plan for our summer. Quite honestly, I'm really impressed that we were able to accomplish our list. We have tried to make bucket lists in the past with very little success.

I really think I kept it simple and followed the steps I outlined and that made a huge difference.

I learned a couple of things this summer in the process:

1. If I make space for fun, it actually happens!

I intentionally set aside times that we were going to have available to have fun and work on our bucket list. And it actually worked! We made the time to have fun together and create memories.

2. Breaking big projects up into smaller chunks really does add up.

Instead of getting overwhelmed at our list, I made it a goal to accomplish at least one thing from the list each week. This is the perfect way to work on a big project! Honestly, this is true for many areas of our life. Little by little progress adds up.

3. I get tired of the pool pretty quickly.

I know, swimming is a huge part of summer. The truth is that I get tired of the pool though. For us, that meant I took the kids to the pool for several weeks. Then my husband took them several times as well. They didn't go as much as they would have liked, but it was enough. We went at least once most weeks.

4. Louisville has a lot to offer!

I really do love where we live. We had a lot of fun this summer and it was mostly within our own city. It helped that we had our Cultural Passes (a program Louisville does for kids). The passes allowed us to do more fun than we were originally thinking.

5. Sometimes you stumble upon new hobbies.

We had "go on a nature walk" on our list. But once we did it once, we were hooked. Many years ago we used to go on nature walks most weeks. But we had fallen out of the habit. Well, going once was all we needed to feel the excitement and want to do it more. So now we've planned a set time to go hiking or on a nature walk each week. And we've really been enjoying it!

What did you learn this summer?

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