September in Review

Toward the end of each month, I post a review of my goals, what I'm currently reading, a homeschool update, as well as other tidbits of information. I hope you like these monthly posts. Let me know if you'd like to see other information in this roundup!

September Goals

I shared my new goals this month. I'm excited to dig in. But this month was not a great start. I struggled with depression almost half of the month and really struggled to make progress on most of my goals. I did keep it simple this month and didn't try to conquer all my new goals at once. That helped a little. Here's what I set for my September goals:
  • Daily: Pray for Michael | I accomplished this goal every day. It truly is a huge win to prioritize praying for Michael again.
  • Daily: Up by 7:30 | I really wanted to make this goal work, but goodness, it's so hard to get up when you are fighting depression. Therefore, I didn't make great progress here this month.
  • Daily: Read a book during the day | I only accomplished this goal a handful of times.
  • Daily: Work on my new project | I didn't accomplish this goal once. Knowing now that I'd struggle with depression, I would not have set this goal. But alas.
  • Weekly: Spend time with each child individually | I missed a week for each child, but overall, I'm really happy with the progress I made here.
  • Weekly: Family fun | We accomplished this goal half the time.
  • Weekly: Pray for Bible study | I accomplished this goal each week.

Currently Reading

  • Boundaries | Haven't listened to this one much this past month.
  • The Brave Learner | I'm still reading along in this book. Taking it slow and steady. 
  • The Ministry of Ordinary Places | I haven't made much progress here.
  • The Mother-in-Law | It has been nice to pick up a fiction book for the first time in a while. I'm close to finishing this one. This has taken most of my time because it is a library book.

Homeschool News

  • We started co-op this month! That's right! It has taken some adjustments in our rhythm, which I haven't yet decided if it's worth it in the long-run. But for now, we are excited to be in a co-op. 
  • We've gotten past the beginning of the year struggles. One of my kids cried every day during school for two weeks. For real. It took us all several weeks to get used to our new rhythm. But I think we've gotten past the initial fightback. WooHoo!

My Favorite Things

  • FaceTime with my sister. It's been a while since visiting my sister. I'm very thankful for FaceTime and the chats we can have across the miles.
  • My sweet husband. This man is truly a lifeline to me, especially when I'm sick or struggling with depression. He truly is remarkable in the ways he steps up to the plate to help out.

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