Embracing New Seasons

Spring has always been my favorite season in adulthood. I long for and crave the newness that it offers, the time to start fresh and move forward. Especially when winters are difficult. But a while ago, a friend was telling me about how much she loved fall, and it opened my eyes to enjoy this season in a new way.

I arrived at her house and I looked around and marveled at the beauty of the fall decorations she had put out since I had been there last. She smiled wide as she told me her great love for fall and all the opportunity that came with.

I wondered if fall could hold more than the welcoming of cooler weather and soups and pumpkin spice assortments?

My friend shared,

There's this freedom in letting go of all the things that haven't been working and are weighing heavy on me. Shedding all the yucky layers of life and getting a fresh breath of air. 

It was as if this new awareness has always been lurking around the corner and just came out to say hello.

I wonder, could fall really hold that kind of opportunity?

In the time since I was in my friend's presence, I have not been able to stop thinking about her words. I decided to implement this idea. And it has been glorious. The freedom I have felt in the last few days is unlike any I've felt this entire year.

So, as we entire this new season of fall, maybe God is wanting you to experience some fresh freedom too? If you have any time, I'd urge you to think about what things you could shed that are weighing heavy. What can you let go of that is not working? What things can you remove from your life to experience more pleasure and joy in this season, wherever God has you?

Maybe, just maybe, you'll be walking around feeling a little bit lighter...

"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.
Ecclesiastes 3:1

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