October Goals

I got my hair cut two weeks ago (pictured above) and in some ways, I feel like I a new woman. I just came out of a time of depression and I am ready to make some progress on what matters to me.

It truly can be simple things, like a hair cut, that bring fresh air to a situation. I have been in a bit of a funk. But I've got my new goals and a fresh perspective and I'm ready to conquer this month.

It doesn't matter what the year has looked like, you can have a powerful end to the year. 

I'm holding on to that reality. This year hasn't been quite what I had hoped for. We've had some twists and turns that were unexpected. But yet I am not losing hope for change.

Change is possible. Progress is possible.

It may be slow and steady, but progress is progress no matter how small!

My goals for the final part of the year are here. And below are my specific goals for October:

Daily Goals

  • Pray for Michael | I'm building momentum here. It's becoming a great habit.
  • Up by 7:30 | I really want to make progress on this goal this month.
  • Write something | It can be my newsletter, an Instagram post, or a blog post here. But this month I want to try to write something every day.

Weekly Goals

  • Work on my upcoming project | I've lost momentum on this project and haven't touched it for weeks. Hopefully, that will change this month.
  • Spend time with the kids individually | I want to spend quality alone time with each of the kids each week.
  • Family Fun | I want to create a family culture of fun together.
  • Pray for Bible Study | I'm currently leading a table at our church Bible study and I want to soak in prayer over it.

Monthly Goals

  • Pick pumpkins | This is going to be our first family fun outing for the month.
  • Pray over friendships | I've fallen out of the habit of doing this, but I see so much good come out of centering my heart in prayer over the friendships and people the Lord has brought in to my life.
  • Create a cleaning checklist | We have not been doing as well daily or weekly at our cleaning tasks. I want to revamp our checklists and make it more appropriate for this season of life.

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