October in Review

Toward the end of each month, I post a review of my goals, what I'm currently reading, a homeschool update, as well as other tidbits of information. I hope you like these monthly posts. Let me know if you'd like to see other information in this roundup!

October Goals

I shared my new goals a couple of months ago. I haven't made as much progress as I would have liked. But it isn't about living by my goals as a task-master. But aiming for them in a grace-filled way. Here are my October goals:
  • Daily: Pray for Michael | I accomplished this goal every day. WooHoo!
  • Daily: Up by 7:30 | I did okay at the beginning of the month and then fell off the bandwagon about a week in and then struggled to get up early after that. I really want to make this a habit, because I see such great benefit from it. I even enjoy my morning routine when it happens. I just need to convince myself that it is worth it.
  • Daily: Write something | I accomplished this goal about half of the time. Which is great progress
  • Weekly: Work on my upcoming project | I again did not make any progress on this project. I'm wondering if I need to give it up. Except that I really do want to do it. So I'm wondering why it isn't happening.
  • Weekly: Spend time with each child individually | When I'm talking about this, I'm talking about quality time, not just a few minutes. I was able to do this half of the time with each child.  This is continued progress!!! 
  • Weekly: Family fun | We did something fun together every week! Yay for progress!
  • Weekly: Pray for Bible study | I accomplished this goal every week.
  • Monthly: Pick pumpkins | We did this. The above picture is the pumpkin I picked out.
  • Monthly: Pray over friendships | I accomplished this goal.
  • Monthly: Create a cleaning checklist | I finally did it today! Just in time.

Currently Reading

  • Boundaries | Made some progress here! I listened to a couple of chapters on my way home from a trip I took this month.
  • The Brave Learner | I'm still reading along in this book. Taking it slow and steady. 
  • The Ministry of Ordinary Places | I haven't made much progress here.
  • Mom Enough | I'm reading this as part of a co-op book club. So far I'm really enjoying it. I love books that have short easy-to-digest chapters. This book is just that.
  • The Family Next Door | I just finished this book. Again this month, it's been nice to dig into some fiction. I picked this one up after enjoying a book by the same author last month. 

Homeschool News

  • We enjoyed our first break of the year. I'm trying out a "6 weeks on, 1 week off" schedule for the year. It was an enjoyable week off and it really did help boost our spirits. 
  • I'm finally seeing progress in reading with the 2nd grader students! That's right! Last week I actually found myself saying that reading was going pretty good with my little kids. This is a first! They are making measurable progress!!! Honestly, it is a huge relief. I was really starting to get nervous about the lack of progress. This has been an ongoing struggle for over a year. It surely has been a roller coaster. 
  • Our 7th grader is struggling with the increased course load. We added to our 7th graders' course load this year as well as introduced more aggressive grading. She is struggling to step up to the plate. I think it will settle out. But for now, it's been a little rough.

My Favorite Things

  • Making a trip up to Ohio to visit my sister. This was a huge favorite thing I did this month!
  • Picking pumpkin. This was a really nice family outing.
  • Pumpkin Steamer. I'm not a coffee drinker. But I love a pumpkin steamer to kick off the season. It's simply steamed milk with pumpkin flavoring. It's like drinking pumpkin pie. So good!

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