Purposeful Productivity

I am not about hustle, for hustling's sake. Just to get stuff done.

I am all about doing what matters most and working hard to make progress on what is important to me.

There has got to be a distinction.

Untamed busyness has no benefit except to distract us from what truly matters.

We've got to think differently to change our behavior.

Of course, we all want to get stuff done and live productive lives. But how do we funnel our productivity toward what matters most?

I am all about cultivating habits and routines that matter. That tap into what is most important to me.

Something of great value to me is living purposefully. Not reacting to my life. But pursuing intentional progress in the areas that matter most to me. Areas like my home, my marriage, motherhood, homeschooling, etc...

That means I will work hard in those areas and, hopefully, my work will add up to something.

It doesn't mean I'm just spinning my wheels and staying busy without reason.

Now life might not always show up as progress. As long as I'm pursuing what matters, I don't have to be discouraged by the lack of progress. Progress is progress no matter how slow it grows or how small you are inching forward.

So much of life progresses organically and not in a measurable way. That can be difficult because I like to check things off and measure my progress.

I can trust that I am pouring into the areas that matter to me, and therefore, progress will come.

So how do we pursue this kind of purposeful productivity? That's a great question!

Here are some simple steps that help me tap in to what is important and make progress on what matters most. And then I'll share my favorite tool I use to actually make things happen. I promise, it's true!

Know where your priorities lay.

This is the key to getting started. You have to know what is important to you!  Where do your priorities lie in this season of your life? It's okay to look different than your sister, your friend, your neighbor, etc... It's about what is most important to YOU right now.

Write down meaningful goals.

Once you know what is important to you, write meaningful goals from that place. Think about the areas of your priorities that you'd like to see the most progress in and write it down. Actually writing it down helps majorly!

Track progress.

This is very important. How will you see progress if you don't track it anywhere? If it's a habit, I've shared some tracking tools here. But my favorite way to track my goals is using my favorite tool that I'm sharing below.

Celebrate little victories along the way.

When you see progress, celebrate it! Even if it's small. Every victory is worth celebrating!

My Favorite Tool

My favorite tool that I use to make what matters happen is Powersheets from Cultivate What Matters. And guess what? They recently released their 2020 Powersheets. I've already ordered mine (#TeamBlooms). And I cannot wait until we get closer to 2020 so that I can dig in.

Learn more at this link or by clicking below:

Here are a few quick reasons why I love Powersheets:

  • It's an investment in my future. 
  • Because I'm spending money to make my goals happen, I'm more likely to use it and live more intentionally because of it.
  • It walks you step by step through the process of setting meaningful goals.
  • The monthly tending list is a major key to setting and tracking goals each month.
  • I have seen more progress in my life when I am using them.

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