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Powersheets have been transformational in my life. I started my first set on August 14, 2015 (as pictured above for proof!). I wasn’t very consistent that first year and a half. But when 2017 rolled around I committed to a full year set and jumped in headfirst.

I have taken the time to do the prep work and discover what was really important to me in the different seasons I’ve been in over the last four years. There really is a phenomenal process that the ladies at Cultivate What Matters have figured out to help guide you step-by-step through to uncover meaningful goals. I've seen this to be true in my own life.

I have learned a lot about myself and goal setting since that first set. Can you believe I set 10 goals all at once? No wonder I was inconsistent. The rule-follower in me thought I had to fill in every space.

I have found benefit in goal setting in community, with friends around you cheering you on.

I already purchased my 2020 set and I’m so excited to dig in! But I'm even more excited about bringing to life an idea I've had for a while:


If you are local to Louisville I’m planning an in-person fun event doing the Powersheets prep work together!

Not only that, but I'm planning to create a private Facebook group for the attendees so that we can encourage each other all year long and maybe even get together quarterly to discuss our progress, if the group is interested.

But, that's all getting ahead of myself...

Here are all the details of the Powersheets Prep Work Party:


We will gather together and complete most of the prep work of the 2020 Powersheets together. There is great benefit in this because you get encouragement and inspiration from fellow attendees. 


December 14th at 6:30 pm


St. Matthews Area of Louisville, KY


$63.60 which includes your own set of Powersheets (sold at $60 plus tax). We are going to order in bulk to save you the shipping cost. Or you can purchase your own set and bring it to the event.


I'm thrilled to co-host this event with my friend Sandi, who is also a Powersheets user! And we are thrilled to invite you to come and be a part of it!


Awesome! Leave me a comment below or e-mail me at ashleykwells@gmail.com and I'll get you on the list!

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