November Goals

Fall is here and with it comes cooler temperatures, pumpkin treats of all varieties, scarves and boots, and lots of other things too. I'm working on embracing this season and all that is has to offer.

In terms of setting goals, it's easy once November rolls around to start dreaming about 2020. And I have a little. I've got my Powersheets already purchased and as you'll read below I am hoping to host an in-person goal planning event.

It's important to remember, though, that the year is not over yet. There are still days to live on purpose in 2019.

Let's not give up on making progress on what is important to us, right here, right now.

My goals for the final part of the year are here. And below are my specific goals for November:

Daily Goals

  • Pray for my husband Michael | My heart is transforming as I continue to make progress on this goal.
  • Up by 7:30 | This goal has been a huge struggle. But I'm not letting it go because I see great benefit in getting up early.
  • Write something | It can be my newsletter, an Instagram post, or a blog post here. But I want to continue to work on writing daily because it truly helps me process life and I feel better when I write.
  • Praying for my son Jonathan | I want to make it a real priority to pray daily for my son. Here is the latest update I posted last week.

Weekly Goals

  • Work on my upcoming project | Nothing has changed since last month. I've lost momentum on this project and haven't touched it for months at this point. But I am really excited about it. It's just finding time and energy to make progress. I've already brainstormed a little bit with my husband about how I could make progress here.
  • Spend time with the kids individually | I want to spend quality alone time with each of the kids each week.
  • Family Fun | I want to create a family culture of fun together.
  • Pray for Bible Study | I'm currently leading a table at our church Bible study and I want to soak in prayer over it.

Monthly Goals

  • Send Jonathan a Birthday card | This is his first Birthday away from us and I want to send him a thoughtful card to let him know I'm thinking about him.
  • Pray over friendships | I made this goal happen last month and I hope to again. I see so much good come out of centering my heart in prayer over the friendships and people the Lord has brought in to my life.
  • Celebrate Thanksgiving | We keep it pretty simple on the actual holiday. But we are hoping to host some family and have a feast the Saturday after Thanksgiving to celebrate.
  • Plan an in-person goal planning event | I snuck this goal in today. I've been thinking about doing this for weeks but finally verbalized it yesterday and it made me even more excited about the prospect of making this happen! 

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