What I Learned this Fall

I love these quarterly posts and looking back through my planner and blog and journal to see what I've learned along the way.

Here's what I learned this fall:

1. Having a project to work on is life-giving to me.

I'm co-hosting (with my friend Sandi) a local (Louisville, KY) Powersheets Prep Work Party next month and it has been a complete JOY to plan and work on it. I forget so often how it feels when I have a "project" to work on. It has been so refreshing and I am just thrilled as we get closer to the actual event.

2. Something as simple as a journal helps keep me connected with my almost-teenaged daughter.

I bought the journal pictured above years ago but we haven't been very consistent. Ahem, actually, I haven't been very consistent. She sends it back to me within a few days, I take forever. But this past month I've been more intentional about writing in it again and it has helped us feel so connected and sparked on several conversations about what we've written.

3. Depression sucks. But it doesn't last forever,

September was a rough month. I blogged about it here. This was a helpful reminder though: Depression sucks. But it doesn't last forever.

4. Having goals keeps me aiming for something.

I finally sat down and wrote out new goals after being on a long hiatus from goal setting. And I am so glad that I did! It has felt so good to have something to aim at and give me more purpose in my days as I am working toward these meaningful goals.

5. Date nights are vital to my connection with my husband.

We missed a date in October and I didn't realize until our November date how much I had missed it. I love our monthly date nights and feel like it is vital to my connection with my husband. There aren't many other opportunities when we have a lengthy amount of time to give to each other, uninterrupted.

What did you learn this fall?

I'm linking up to Emily P. Freeman today. Check out what others have learned this fall too! 


  1. These are lovely. I especially love the journaling idea - tucking that one away for when my littles can read & write!

  2. Someone out there will be so very encouraged by #3!

    Bless you.

  3. I loved doing a dialogue journal with my kids.
    Now my husband and I have one--and we're terrible at it, but we persevere!

  4. linking up from Emily's link up. love your words on depression. "it doesn't last forever"
    also date night.....YES!


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