Choosing What's Best in Your Homeschool

Every day we are faced with decisions and have to decide what is best moving forward. In marriage, in parenting, in our homes, in our homeschool...

Just considering our homeschool environment, there are so many decisions to be made. What curriculum to use? When to introduce specific subjects? How to "socialize" our children? How to find support when learning doesn't come easy? When to start school each day? What read aloud should we do next? When to take breaks? How much challenge is too much?


Honestly, it can feel overwhelming when you consider how many decisions you are faced with every day and the lasting effects those decisions have on yourself and those you care for.

Whew! How's that for an introduction to a blog post?

I shared earlier this year about how excited we were to jump back in the homeschool community and join a co-op. We were a part of a co-op many years ago and it was a great addition to our homeschool life. I saw so many benefits to joining another one. And the timing seemed to work out perfectly.

We've been a part of that co-op for a semester now.  We loved the community we received through the co-op. The kids enjoyed their classes. The other moms were great. The location was further than I liked, but nothing too bad. All in all, it seemed like a good fit.

However, it disrupted our weekly rhythm and routine majorly.

In the spirit of choosing what's best in our homeschool, we've decided not to continue in the co-op.

Even though I knew it was the right decision, I still battled over whether or not to make it because, on the outside, the co-op seemed like a great fit. But in actuality, it truly disrupted our whole weekly flow. And we really missed our extra day to go hiking or catch up or just chill at home.

The positives simply did not outweigh this one big negative component. 

Since making the decision I've continued to feel confident that I made the right one for our family for this season.

Taking it further though, making this decision made me think of what other things I'm doing that just don't fit or are not what is best in this season of our homeschool.

How do you decide what is best for your homeschool?

I'm by no means an expert. But I did think of three questions that might help us navigate the question above.

I'm using the term "activity" here but it simply means whatever thing you are considering adding or removing from your homeschool life. It could be adding a new curriculum, joining a co-op, or getting help for learning difficulties, just to name a few.

1. What benefits does this activity offer your homeschool?

Go ahead and grab a paper and list them out! Brainstorm all the positive benefits you see that could come out of this decision.

2. How much effort will it take to accomplish this activity?

Again, write it down. How much effort will it take? What will need to happen to make this a reality? What will need to change? What will you need to stop doing or get rid of to make it happen?

3. How does this activity make you feel?

And lastly, I think this question is the most eye-opening. How does the prospect of this activity make you feel?

I will tell you, although I generally enjoyed our co-op experience, I dreaded going each week. Once I was there I was fine. But my heart struggled in this process greatly. This should have been a huge indicator of whether this was best for us.

This is not a fool-proof process. But it will help you to begin thinking about the decisions you are making and whether it is what is best for your homeschool right now.

Here's to a more purposeful homeschool journey! One decision at a time.

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