January Goals

This month's Powersheets Tending List.

Happy New Year! January is a fun month because we generally have a new sense of excitement over accomplishing goals and making progress on what is important to us.

But also, this time can be short-lived as we are faced with the realities of life and that excitement over the newness fades.

But not for us friends!

We can make progress on what really matters to us and not lose momentum as the month goes by.

I see three basic keys to success in maintain your momentum:

  1. We know why we are doing what we are doing. Knowing the why behind our goals will help us to fight for progress even when it is difficult because we know we have a goal worth fighting for.
  2. We write down and track our goals. Writing something down and referencing it frequently will help us to not forget our goals and propel us to make progress.
  3. We seek out community to encourage and hold us accountable. Grab a friend or a few and go on this journey together. You will find it makes for an easier time!

These three keys will help us stay the course and live purposeful lives!

My 2020 goals can be found here for reference, and here are my specific goals for January:

Daily Goals

  • Up by 7:30 | This has got to be the year that I make progress here. I see such benefit in getting up early to prepare my heart for the day ahead. It truly helps me to love my family well. It has just been such a struggle.
  • No "S" Diet | This is a simple way to be more mindful in what I am eating. It stands for no sweets, snacks, or seconds except on days that start with "S." So the weekend is open to eat whatever you want, but during the week you follow the 3 basic rules.

Weekly Goals

  • Spend time with the kids individually | This is important to me because I want to cultivate strong and meaningful relationships with my children.
  • Family Fun | I want to create a family culture of fun! This helps me get there. I need to do better about planning the fun. But my strategy there is to plan for this family fun during my Planning Hour I already do each week.
  • Move my body | Whether it is a walk around the block or attending a class at the YMCA, I need to move my body. I'm starting with once a week with the end in mind to increase this goal as I build it into a habit.
  • Read Memory-Making Mom | My goal is to pick up this book at least once a week and read through it over the next month or so.

Monthly Goals

  • Pick out encouraging family book to read | I want to choose a book this month that will spur me on toward a purposeful mothering journey filled with love. I may choose a book I already own or find a new one. This month my goal is simply to pick one out.
  • Make list of games for 5 people | I want to make a list of the games we own that 5 people can play so that I have this list to refer to when we want to have a family game night.
  • Read Teaching from Rest | This is a frequent re-read for me. It is such an encouraging and short book that I hope will begin the process of rediscovering my joy in homeschooling.
  • Find a homeschool podcast | This is another component that I hope will help me rediscover my joy in homeschooling. I'm going to try out several different podcasts this month to find one that I want to faithfully listen to.
  • Have an in-depth cleaning day | Because of the holidays and sickness, we have not kept our weekly cleaning day as well as we typically do. Therefore, I want to have an in-depth cleaning day to get back on track.
  • Enjoy my mamacation | You can read more here. But in short, this is an annual weekend away by myself to rest and refresh. 
  • Celebrate Jazmine's 13th Birthday | This month we get to celebrate our oldest daughter's Birthday. I want to be intentional to make it special for her.

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