My 2020 Goals

2019 has been a pretty good year, despite some challenges. Which makes me even more excited about what God might do in the upcoming year.

Each year I love walking through the process of uncovering what matters most to me thanks to Powersheets.

I was actually surprised at where my Powersheets took me this year. My goals are simpler than in years past and I am actually really hopeful about each of them.

When I think about the big picture, where I want to be when I'm 80, it helps to clarify where I want to place my focus in the here and now. 

What will truly matter to me then? How can I live in a way to make that happen?

I wrote that family will matter most to me when I'm 80. Along with living life well to the end. And lastly faithfulness.

I want to be known for loving my family. Fiercely! That looks like laying down my life every day in love. Caring for them through my words and actions.

If I could envision my most purposeful year yet, it would look like a year of being happy and content with where I am in these 'hidden years" of pouring into my family. I'd have time to sit down and play with the kids, looking them in their eyes. I'd lavishly spend my time with the people in my house.

So how does this all translate into my goals? I'll share more with each goal.

1. Love my family well.

Family is so important to me. I want to love them well. This is my main priority this season. Like I said above, I want to pour my time out onto them lavishly. I want to cultivate a closer and more connected family. I don't want to waste my mothering.

How will I achieve this goal?

  • Read encouraging books to spur me on toward a purposeful mothering journey filled with love.
  • Keep my weekly goals of quality time with each child and family fun.
  • Schedule blocks of time to put my phone down.
  • Get up early to prepare for the day and set my heart in the right place.

2. Become more healthy with Michael.

I want to live a long life and that is simply not going to happen with my current lifestyle. Things must change. Michael is built-in accountability. I want to lose weight and become a healthier version of myself, setting a better example for my kids.

How will I achieve this goal?
  • Start The No "S" Diet back.
  • Track my water intake.
  • Exercise one time per week in January (increase as months go by).
  • Cheer Michael on!

3. Plan more opportunities for fun.

I want to create a family culture of fun! It's important to me to create positive memories and feelings that my children will look back on with love.

How will I achieve this goal?
  • Read Memory-Making Mom.
  • Maintain weekly goal of family fun.
  • Make a list of games we own that five people can play to keep on hand for family game nights.
  • Plan our family fun each week as part of my Planning Hour.
  • Utilize a bucket list for each season.

4. Rediscover the joy in homeschooling.

I have lost my joy in homeschooling. As I have shared before, my littles are really struggling to learn to read. I think the stress of that has sucked the joy out of my journey. I want this to change! I want learning to be fun and memorable and that is not going to happen if I don't rediscover my joy. I want to feel less stress and enjoy the process more. Everyone will be better if I have more joy.

How will I achieve this goal?
  • Read encouraging books. I'm starting with Teaching from Rest.
  • Find a homeschool podcast to listen to that encourages me.

I hope that as I pursue these goals I get closer to living the kind of life I want to live.

And if you have any ideas for how to achieve these goals or books or podcasts I should listen to, send them my way!!!

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