Getting Past the February Funk

I've shared already about how one of my goals this year is to rediscover the joy of homeschooling. I've lost the joy in the midst of learning difficulties and the mundane nature of doing the same thing over and over and over again and progress is so slow and sometimes hard to measure.

Well, it's around this time of year that most homeschool moms, and I think many others too, struggle as well.

I can sense this dread building inside me as the days get colder and more dreary and the school year has a lot of days still to come.

The dreaded February Funk.

It happens to the best of us. We start to lose our motivation to do school and lack the energy and joy that it takes to make learning fun. We are just trying to get through.

Well, friends, this is no way to homeschool (or live for that matter). There's got to be a different way!

Here's what I'm doing to get past this February Funk and work at rediscovering the joy of homeschooling:

1. Read Teaching From Rest.

I really need to make this a quarterly read. It is that good. It's just such simple reminders about what is really important and what stress I add to my life that is really unnecessary.

2. Read aloud more.

This one doesn't come as naturally to me. However, there's just something wonderful about being cozy under blankets and reading altogether.

3. Listen to homeschool podcasts.

This is something I'm trying this year. I haven't stumbled on one, in particular, that is going to be a "must listen to" weekly podcast. Right now I'm just browsing a bunch of them. It's been good though!

4. Give myself some grace.

This time of year sucks for a lot of people. Especially with seasonal depression rearing it's nasty head. So there's grace in understanding that I'm not the only one battling this February Funk. And there's hope too! February doesn't last forever!

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