Progress Doesn't Just Happen

I was sitting on the couch after getting up early this morning (WooHoo!) and found myself pondering this thought:

Progress doesn't just happen.

Most everything in life worth aspiring to is going to require effort.

It takes work to get up early. It simply doesn't come naturally to me. I have to fight to get out of bed each morning. Now, it's worth the fight to center my heart and mind before starting the day with the kids. But it still takes the effort of leaving my warm and comfortable bed while it's dark outside.

Another example, last week I only achieved half of my weekly goals. I was thinking about why that happened last night as I was doing my weekly planning hour. And I came to the same conclusion as I did this morning when considering my goals.

It takes work to make progress, even on things that matter.

One of my weekly goals is to spend time individually with each child. I've learned that I have to plan the time to spend with my kids and intentionally set it aside or it will not happen. I get too lost in the daily to do's and everything I need to get done.

If you are faced with a goal or habit you are trying to build and you just keep running into a wall, maybe it's a good time to be reminded that it takes effort to bring about change. It will not come easily. But it is worth fighting for.

We're in this together friends!

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