March Goals

This month's Powersheets Tending List.

While reading Atomic Habits I came across this question,

Are you becoming the type of person you want to become?

What a good thought to ponder. Am I becoming the type of person I want to become?

Further, are my thoughts and actions defining this person I aim to be? Or is what I'm pursuing holding me back?

The author, James Clear, said in the book that he had a friend who lost over 100 pounds by asking herself, “What would a healthy person do?” All day long, she would use this question as a guide.

That is becoming the kind of person you want to become. And it can all start with the things you do each day, week, and month. Our goals can help shape us.

Clear says, "Once you have a handle on the type of person you want to be, you can begin taking small steps to reinforce your desired identity."

May we be women that seek to take those small steps every day to become more of the person we want to become! It's hard, but it's also easy. And it can start today.

My 2020 goals can be found here for reference, and here are my specific goals for March:

Daily Goals

  • Up by 7:30 | Maybe this month will be the month I finally build some momentum with this goal??? One can only hope! And do my best.
  • Drink 3 water bottles | I want to continue this goal of drinking more water. I've seen good progress and want to continue to work on it.
  • Track my food intake | I recently bought a food journal and I want to make it a habit to track all the food I eat.

Weekly Goals

  • Spend time with the kids individually | This is really important to me! So I need to prioritize it.
  • Family Fun/Bucket List | Hopefully, we can finish most of our winter bucket list we made.
  • Move my body | No matter how, this is simply a goal to get moving! 
  • Read Memory-Making Mom | I want to read at least one chapter a week.
  • Listen to a homeschool podcast | This has been a fun goal to keep up with! Very encouraging.

Monthly Goals

  • Make new budget with Michael | We recently paid off all of our credit card debt, so this month we will need to be making a pretty new budget for our family.
  • Read 2 chapters of The Storm-Tossed Family | I am taking this book slow and steady.
  • Have a date with Michael | Hopefully we can get back into the habit of monthly dates out.
  • Make spring bucket list | Spring is almost here!!! So I'm hoping to gather with everyone and make a bucket list of things we hope to do.

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