March in Review

Toward the end of each month, I post a review of my goals, what I'm currently reading, a homeschool update, as well as other tidbits of information. I hope you like these monthly posts, they are usually well received. Let me know if you'd like to see other information in this roundup!

This month has been a weird one with the coronavirus pandemic and #HealthyAtHome movement. But, amazingly, I was able to make really good progress on my goals, as you'll see below.

March Goals

You can find all of my 2020 goals here. Here are my March goals with updates:
  • Daily: Up by 7:30 | I recently changed my mindset about this goal. I want to get up by 7:30 on school days because it is a key to starting on a good note. But when we aren't doing school, I prefer the pace of a slower start, therefore, a later wake-up time. Therefore, my goal is to get up at 7:30 four times a week, when we do school. I was able to get up 3 times a week each week this month. Which is great progress on this goal finally!!! A slight shift in mindset was all I needed to propel me forward.
  • Daily: Drink 3 water bottles | I struggled to get this done toward the beginning of the month, but I really hit a good spot in the second half of the month.
  • Daily: Track my food intake | This one was easy. I accomplished it every day. I wasn't sure how fast I'd adjust to adding it to my nightly routine. But the change was seamless. I try to do it after each meal, but then check it at night to be sure I didn't forget.
  • Weekly: Spend time with each child individually | I made great progress on this goal this month! I only missed one week for one child. Otherwise, I spent quality time with each child each week.
  • Weekly: Family Fun or Bucket List | We did this each week! And because of this, we were able to accomplish everything on our winter bucket list minus anything related to snow because we didn't get any good accumulation this year. That's a win in my book!
  • Weekly: Move my body | Finally making progress on this one!!! I accomplished this goal every week.
  • Weekly: Read Memory-Making Mom | Another goal I accomplished each week! 
  • Weekly: Listen to a homeschool podcast | I missed one week, but otherwise I have really enjoyed making this a part of my weekly rhythm. 
  • Monthly: Make new budget with Michael | Done! And feeling really great about it!
  • Monthly: Read 2 chapters of The Storm-Tossed Family | Accomplished! I'm taking this one slow and steady.
  • Monthly: Have a date with Michael | We had to improvise in the midst of everything that is going on and have an at-home dinner date. But it was still special. We set the kids up with pizza and a movie and enjoyed uninterrupted time to be with each other.
  • Monthly: Make spring bucket list | Spring is going to look different than we had imagined with the coronavirus pandemic. However, we are making the best of it and have a bucket list of items we should still be able to accomplish together.

Currently Reading

Homeschool News

  • About halfway through our 5th term. That's right! We are moving along just fine.
  • Really enjoying Farmer Boy book. The kids beg for another chapter!
  • Fascinated by our science study of the body. It was a short and quick study, but the kids were truly fascinated by learning more about how their body works.

My Favorite Things

  • FaceTime. In the midst of the world right now, I'm super thankful for technology and the ways we can still be connected with those important to us.

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