Memory-Making Mom {Book Review}

Two of my goals for the year are somewhat interwoven. That being Love My Family Well and Plan More Opportunities for Fun. Well, Memory-Making Mom was an encouragement in both of these areas.

This book was like a breath of fresh air.

It was filled with encouraging thoughts on motherhood as well as very practical ideas for how to infuse your family life with meaningful traditions and fun!

I was worried it was going to be guilt-inducing, like I should be doing all these things. However, it wasn't like that at all. Jessica wrote in such a personable and relatable way, offering lots of grace and gentle encouragement through the text.

I shared the above image on Instagram and wrote the caption, "So convicted as I read this quote in Memory-Making Mom. Oh so many times I take the easy route. But this calling is a call to sacrifice."

This book was a great reminder that motherhood is hard work, but it is so very worth it!

What we are doing is shaping souls for eternity and our work has such deep meaning because of this truth.

Not only is there great content in this book and tips throughout each chapter, but there is also a great appendix in the back to come back to throughout the year or as a refresher.

Some of my favorite ideas from the book are:

  • saving rocks from family hikes or trips and write the name and date on them
  • have a special Saturday breakfast each week
  • Sunday snack dinner
  • Sleep under your Christmas tree the day that you put it up
  • Always have a book you are reading aloud together
  • Have a special plate you use when someone has done something notable

Those are just a snapshot of the ideas included in the book. It really is a treasure to keep and refer back to when you feel like your family like could use a little more meaning or fun!

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