How to Cultivate What Matters in the Life of Your Daughter

I want to cultivate what matters in the life of my daughter. I mean, who doesn't want that, right?

But it can be so challenging to really tap into her heart and connect daily life with these big ideas and goals she has for her life. At least for us.

I've got a creative, on-the-go daughter who has a lot of big ideas for her life and her future. I want to nurture those parts of her and help her on her life journey.

That's why I was thrilled when Cultivate What Matters announced their new product, The Girls Goal Planner.

I have found so much positive change in my life by using Powersheets along with a daily planner. The Girls Goal Planner is just the tool to do the same in the life of my daughter. 

It truly takes life beyond a simple to-do list and allows you to make progress on what truly matters. I love how the Cultivate What Matters ladies phrase it: "Add energy and focus to your days!"

I really think that it is possible to do just that not only for ourselves but for our daughters.

This thought begs the question, what exactly do I want to cultivate in the life of my daughter?

This will be different for every family and even every girl. But for us, I want to help her grow in her faith. Love her family well. Get a worthwhile education. Develop meaningful friendships. And most of all, have fun along the way!

I love this explanation by the Cultivate What Matters team. They were speaking here about launching this product in the middle of a pandemic.

Through it all, you want to show her that her best years don't have to be perfect. Her best years—and yours!—are built on character. They're marked by her resilience. They are filled with gratitude and grace. What a gift to get to come alongside our girls and help them come through this stronger, more confident, and more focused on what matters in life!

I believe the Girls Goal Planner will help me help her achieve these goals and more! As well as set her up for a life of success with managing her time and priorities. This is a life skill that very few people learn early in life.

Here's my practical plan to help my daughter make the most of this product:

1. Lead by example each day.

I already use Powersheets and a day planner, so this part will be easy. As she sees me using these tools to live a more purposeful life, my hope is that it will spur her on to do the same.

2. Have Weekly Check-Ins.

I already have a great habit in place with my Weekly Planning Hour. My plan is to have her tag along for some of it while I encourage her to plan for her week as well. We can talk through potential challenges and things she's excited about as we look over our plan.

3. Monthly Goal Planning Session together.

I don't want her to neglect her big picture goals while living out her daily life. I believe this to be a struggle for most of us, adults included! Therefore, I think having a monthly goal planning session together will help bridge this gap. Again this is a habit I already have built-in when I sit down and work through my Powersheets. This will be another opportunity to do this alongside each other. Although it won't translate perfectly, I hope that it is not only a great stepping stone for setting goals as well as a point of connection for us.

I want to set up my daughter for success in this big crazy world out there. I think that helping her tap into what matters to her and live that out each day is one step toward that goal!

Want to try a FREE sample of the Girls Goal Planner? Check out this page! We loved using these pages while we awaited the release of the full planner and it's a great way to "test drive" the planner to see if it'd be a good fit for your daughter.

Ready to dive in and buy your daughter a Girls Goal Planner? Here's where you can find it!

As a side note, here are two other products I'm eyeing from the Cultivate What Matters Summer Launch:
1. The Daily Planner Notepad | If you have struggled to find a planner that is a good fit for you, this notepad might be your answer. I love the simplicity of it!
2. The Cultivated Homeschool Planner Page Pack Pre-Order | This looks like a great product to help organize and prioritize homeschool life!

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