What I Learned this Spring {in the Midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic}

I love these quarterly posts and looking back through my planner and blog and journal to see what I've learned along the way.

This post feels quite different since we've been in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic. But I'm going to press on and share what I've learned through this.

Here's what I learned this spring in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic:

1. If my kids are interested in our read-aloud book they will beg for more.

I learned this as we were reading Farmer Boy. They absolutely loved that book. They begged me to keep reading when I finished each chapter. From a different angle, they are not enjoying our current read aloud and are simply waiting for me to finish each chapter. 

I want to find books that grab their attention and keep them wanting more.

2. Baking is a grounding activity.

When all this started, everyone was baking the days away. Including me. It made me wonder why this was happening. And here's what I came up with: baking is grounding. There is something about mixing ingredients and baking something delicious that grounds us. We all needed to participate in grounding activities to keep us steady. Baking did just that for us.

3. I'm thankful for technology.

FaceTime and Marco Polo have been amazing tools during this time of isolation.

4. The questions we ask ourselves are important.

I shared more about this here, but the idea is one I learned by reading Atomic Habits. Are we setting ourselves up for failure in the way we think? The questions we ask ourselves?

Here's a question I've started asking, "Am I becoming the person I want to become?"

This begs the follow-up, are my thoughts and actions defining this person I aim to be? Or is what I'm pursuing holding me back? 

The author, James Clear, said in the book that he had a friend who lost over 100 pounds by asking herself, “What would a healthy person do?” All-day long, she would use this question as a guide.

That's the kind of question I want to ask myself. One that helps set me up for success and help me become the person I want to become.

5. I love the calming start to my day I get with The Daily Liturgy Podcast.

I can't remember where I learned of this podcast, but boy am I thankful. It has become such a calming way to start my day. I listen to it while I get ready.

6. I enjoy 30-minute comedies.

I rarely have time to watch a full hour-long show. But I tend to have 30-minute windows and love to fill the time with comedies. I was so sad to finally finish watching Life in Pieces on Hulu. It was so good!!! So funny! So relatable.

What did you learn this spring?

I'm linking up to Emily P. Freeman today. Check out what others have learned this fall too! 

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  1. Thank you for the podcast rec.
    And we are doing a lot of therapeutic baking here as well.

    1. Hope you've had fun with the baking! My family definitely enjoyed the results!

  2. I have a sourdough starter that's about 12 years old. I have always baked sourdough bread. I was so glad, when I couldn't find yeast during the shutdown that I could still make bread with my starter. Baking is grounding. So true!


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