2019-2020 Homeschool Year in Review

We officially finished our curriculum last week. Hooray!!!

We are year-round homeschoolers, so we will continue learning over the summer. But I do like to officially close out the year with our main curriculum.

Over the summer we will finish any subjects we are still working on (like my 7th-grader is still working on her science) as well as continue our math and language arts. I think it's good to keep our brains working and it helps with the summer slide, in my opinion.

This summer we are also going to work on U.S. Geography because I feel like I neglected it during the course of the year as we studied a condensed history of our country as well as each state.

In celebration of finishing out the official school year, I thought I would spend some time reflecting on our year as a whole.

Overall, we had an okay year. 

Here is an update on each grade-level (we had two 2nd-grade students and a 7th-grade student), an update about me, and our favorite read-aloud book from the year.

Our 2nd-graders are making great progress in reading finally. This has been a long journey for us. They really struggled at the beginning with learning to read. But I am finally seeing leaps in their learning. I'm hopeful they will continue to make progress and become independent successful readers one day!

7th-grade has been rough. I think part of why we struggled is because we were finding our footing in terms of her being mostly independent and struggling to manage her time. We tried several methods throughout the year and finally found one that worked during our 5th term. Then during our 6th term, she did great! It just took us a while to find a good rhythm for her that she wanted to do and that was effective.

I’ve achieved my goal of rediscovering the joy of homeschooling. This was one of my main goals for the year. I consider that a huge win! I've shared some about what I've done here to help me in the process. I wasn't dreading school anymore. I'm so glad.

Our favorite read-aloud was Farmer Boy. To be honest, we loved it so much that we are in a slump trying to find one that interests us now.

I'm excited to share what we are using for next year for our homeschool soon! We are starting our year early on July 27th this year. I'll share more about why I'm doing that as well!

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