Anybody else need a mid-year refresh?

This year hasn't gone how we expected, huh? 

There have been several twists and turns that may leave us wondering where we go from here.

My pastor said recently that "crisis always clarifies." I found such encouragement and truth in that statement.

This crisis has caused me to really evaluate what is important to me. It has clarified my vision and purpose.

I hope this pandemic and all the tension in our country is causing you to evaluate what is most important to you as well. 

Then, when you have done that, pursue more of what is most important.

Change your priorities to reflect it. Change your schedule. Change your life.

We may look at our 2020 goals and see them in a different light because of this clarified vision.


I love how the ladies at Cultivate What Matters came up with this week-long opportunity to prepare for the rest of the year. They've got some fun stuff planned too! Make sure to sign up here.

I thought I'd share a little today about my experience using the download. I snagged the printable (pictured above, you can get yours here) and got to it.

I was really surprised by some of the answers that came up through the process.

This year has been an unexpected blessing to me. I have shared with friends how we really managed this crisis well as a family and personally for me. If I had pictured a scenario like this one, I would not have seen me functioning well. Yet, praise be to God that I have done well. I haven't battled any depression.

Because we homeschool and honestly keep a really simple life overall, we were able to maintain our schedule and routine pretty well. I think that is what helped us cope and thrive in the midst of everything. Especially me. Knowing what to expect and not having so many things vying for my attention contributed greatly to our success, in my opinion.

I feel ready to tackle the rest of the year. I have actually made pretty good progress on a couple of my goals. And I'm ready to shift my focus on what matters most to me moving forward and make meaningful progress there.

I want to feel joyful as I enter the rest of the year. Sometimes I get too stuck in tasks and getting things done that I neglect the joyful parts of my life and lack joy. I want that to change. I want to pursue joy in my everyday life, there are so many blessings around me.

Here's how I plan to refresh my mind:
  • huge brain dump. I've got lots of things floating around my brain that I need to get out onto paper. So I'm going to sit down and take care of that very soon!
  • break down big projects. Once I get everything on paper, I need to prioritize it and break down the big projects into bite-sized pieces.
  • add to Powersheets. Lastly, I want to add anything to my Powersheets prep pages so that I make sure to prioritize them when the time comes.

Refreshing my big picture was simple, it's all about family. That is what kept coming up for me during all of this. Everything else fell to the side and my big picture was clear. Like I said above, the crisis clarified this for me.

Refreshing my focus I had to think about more. But then it became clear, it's our rhythms that keep us going strong. So I want to focus on, especially once we start school back up, developing strong family rhythms. 

My word for the rest of 2020 followed easily after that: rhythm. 

I found this process very encouraging and gave me even more energy to press on in pursuing what is most important to me.

Something to mention before I close out this post, Cultivate What Matters has two products I want to tell you about that are currently on sale!

1. The Mid-Year Refresh Bundle on sale for $75. This is a great deal to get a set of 6-month Powersheets, a sticker book, wildcard pages, a sticker, a notepad, page markers, and a downloadable guide of your choice.

2. 6-month Powersheets on sale for $38. This is a steal!!! Way worth it in my opinion and just in time to finish out the year strong.

And if you are local to Louisville and are a Powersheets user (new or experienced), I welcome you to join our private accountability group on Facebook!

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