July Goals

This month's Powersheets Tending List.

I've struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I have vivid memories of being called fat and struggling with shame around my weight.

I've seen great freedom from the shame of this struggle in my adult life. But yet I still know I could live a healthier lifestyle that will allow me to enjoy life more fully, especially as I age.

You may recall that one of my goals for this year is to become more healthy with Michael (my husband). Well, I am finally devoting time and energy to this goal as we enter the second half of the year.

I'm not doing this from a shame-perspective but from a desire to have a more healthy life. I'm not seeing medical problems regarding my weight, but I know those can develop as you get older.

My hope is for my husband and me to encourage each other and cheer one another on as we seek to get healthy together.

Not only that, but my aim is to make small yet meaningful progress to achieve this goal. I didn't get here overnight, and it won't change overnight.

You eat an elephant one bite at a time and that is how you achieve success in life and goal setting. One small step at a time.

My 2020 goals can be found here for reference, and here are my specific goals for July, this month I'm trying to keep it easy and focused:

Daily Goals

  • Drink 3 water bottles | I know drinking water is a key to good health, so I want to continue this goal. I'm actually going to shoot for four water bottles each day, but I thought a realistic goal is three. 
  • Eat Healthy | My husband and I are trying a new eating plan next week. I'm really excited about doing it together. We are aiming for five days a week on the plan. 

Weekly Goals

  • Move my body two times | Again, here, I'm shooting for four times, but thought two times is more realistic to start. 
  • Family Fun/Bucket List | We made an epic summer bucket list that we are eager to work through. It should be a fun summer!
  • Spend time with the kids individually | This goal is really important to me. So, I'm going to keep it here because I do better with things that I track.
  • Get in the pool | This is part of having a fun summer together
  • Plan out my meals | This is going to be a key to success with our new eating plan. I've already achieved this goal for this week. 

Monthly Goals

  • Have a date with Michael | Hopefully we can go out again for a date. It was nice to be able to do that last month.
  • Welcome my new nephew | My sister is having a baby any day and I'm thrilled to welcome my new nephew into this world. I will actually get to go visit them soon after birth hopefully.
  • Get school room set up | I need to get things set up for our new school year.
  • Start our new homeschool year | WooHoo! We are mostly excited about this! 

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