Our 2020-2021 Curriculum Choices (3rd- & 8th-Grade)

We are starting our new school year later this month! WooHoo! I'm so excited!

Today I'm thrilled to share with you our curriculum choices for the upcoming year. If you would rather watch me explain what we are using, you can find a video right here on my YouTube channel.

I'm really excited to be using My Father's World's Exploring Countries & Cultures this upcoming year. This is a really fun year.

I've actually been through it once before with my older kids. Although we were in a very stressful season and I don't feel like we really got to enjoy all the pieces this curriculum has to offer. That makes me even more excited to do it this year, with my little kids included.

In this blog post, I am going to show you everything we are using for the upcoming year for our group subjects, as well as for 3rd-grade and 8th-grade.

Let's get started!


These are all of the subjects we will do together during our Morning Time. For our 8th-grader, she will have some advanced assignments in these subjects to make it more challenging for her using the same books. Also though, as you'll see below in the 8th-grade section, she has some supplemental materials as well as an additional science book as well.


This year we will be studying the book of Matthew. I've got a Discoverer's Bible that is large-print and perfect to accommodate my 3rd-graders. We will be reading through Matthew as well as memorizing particular verses throughout the year.

We will also be using Hero Tales to learn about different Godly characteristics as we study the lives of Christian heroes.

We will be using Window on the World (this link is to a newer version, but I'm told the content is generally the same, so I'll be using the copy we have). This will be to learn about different countries and how we can pray for them.

Lastly, we will be using God Speaks Numanggang (again, this link is to a newer version. But I'm told it was simply a cover change here). This is about Bible translation.


For science, we will be studying about different animals and their habitats.

The two main books we will be using are Properties of Ecosystems (this link is another updated version from when I originally bought these books years ago. But again, I'm going to stick to my copy.) and The Usborne Living World Encyclopedia. But we will also use The Great Animal Search and the Usborne World of Animals book to explore more animals.

Our 3rd-grade students will have an additional book for science, as you'll see below in their section.

Geography (which includes history and civics)

This is the bulk of our curriculum as we "travel" around the world learning about how different people live and what the world looks like all around the globe.

We will have a world map hanging on a wall of our house to reference. In addition, we will have a Classroom Atlas (this is another updated version) to keep handy.

I love how we have the Passports and Flags of the World (this looks different, but I believe is only a cover change) to add to our Passport as we travel around the globe. We will also use the Currency Kit to see what money is like around the world.

In addition to using the resource lists in the back of the Teacher's Manual, I plan to use Give Your Child the World to pull from as well for our book basket and additional Morning Time materials. Hopefully, I can still utilize our library despite it not being open just yet (at least when I'm writing this).

We will use the Children's Atlas of God's World to learn about different countries as we study them.

We will be learning about the geographic aspects of each area using Exploring World Geography.

As we travel around the world, we will be using A Trip Around the World and Another Trip Around the World for hands-on activities. In addition, we will use The Kids' Multicultural Cookbook (I couldn't find this reasonably priced to link to for you, but there are some good options here) to eat from around the world too.

Lastly, we will be using the Maps & Globes book to learn about maps. And the Geography from A to Z book to pull out weekly vocabulary words.

Art & Music

For music, we will be using the Wee Sing CD and lyric book to hear music from around the world.

For art, we will be using the Global Art book to do different art projects from around the globe.


I cannot believe my little kids are entering 3rd-grade. It feels like yesterday I was doing preschool with them. Babies don't keep. That's for sure. Below you will find the listed books for what we will be doing individually with each of my 3rd-grade students.

For Math, we will be using Singapore 2A & 2B. They have done well with this program, so I see no need to switch up something that is working.

For Language Arts, we are going to continue to use The Good and the Beautiful's Language Arts program. They will be working on the Level One course.

As I've shared before on the blog, reading has come very hard-fought for my little kids. They have really struggled. So last year we switched to The Good and the Beautiful and they placed borderline on the Kindergarten level and Level One. I didn't want them to have any gaps, so I went ahead and started them on the Kindergarten level. We've been working rather quickly through the material, so I'm hoping they will get through the Level One and Two course this upcoming year.

For Handwriting, we are going to continue with The Good and the Beautiful's handwriting book on Level Three. This year they will learn cursive, which I am anxiously waiting to see how they respond.

Lastly, for Supplemental Science, they will be working through The Complete Book of Animals.


One year until high school!!! Eeeekkk! It feels pressure-filled for some reason. Although I'm going to do what I can to be sure that this year is still enjoyable. Honestly, she's looking forward to it. So, that adds to my excitement and takes away a little pressure.

For Math, we will be using Teaching Textbooks. She has struggled with math from the beginning, so we've taken some topics really slow. However, she's been working really hard this past year (and hopefully will continue to do so) so that she can be ready for Algebra next year. This isn't in the picture since it's online.

For Reading, she will be completing two Progeny Press book studies, one for The Swiss Family Robinson and one for Anne of Green Gables.

For Supplemental Reading that sort of ties into the geography studies, she will be reading the following missionary stories: The Narrow Road, Bruchko, I Dared to Call Him Father, and Kisses from Katie. She saw these and wanted to start them already, but I'm making her wait until it falls well into our studies.

For Writing, she will be using Writing with Skill. I'm super intimidated by the size of this book and a teacher's book the same size! But we are simply going to take it one day at a time.

For Grammar, she will be using the Easy Grammar Ultimate Series 180 Daily Teaching Lessons for Grade 8. I've actually used this before and find it to be a quick and effective grammar book. So, we will see how she responds to it.

For Typing, I forgot to include the Typing 3 book in the picture, but she will be finishing The Good and the Beautiful's typing program this year. I love this program because it simply uses the coursebook and word processing software.

For Spelling, which is also not a strong subject for her, she uses Sequential Spelling online. She's been using it all year and I think it's working well, so we are going to continue to use it. This is also not in the picture above.

For Supplemental Geography, she will be using Writing a Country Report to complete some reports on the countries we study.

Lastly, for Supplemental Science, she will be using Exploring Creation with Physical Science. She liked the General Science book last year, so we are going to continue with what MFW recommends this year by using this course.

If you've made it this far, wow! That's impressive! I hope you enjoyed seeing a peek into what we will be using this upcoming year!

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