Our 2020-2021 School Rhythm (3rd- & 8th-grade)

Since I've shared what curriculum we are using for the upcoming year, I thought I would transition to what seems natural next and share what I planned out for our rhythm for the upcoming year as well.

As a reminder, we will have two 3rd-graders (Christina and Kyle) and an 8th-grade student (Jazmine) as well.

You'll notice our rhythm doesn't have any time schedule attached to the subjects. That's because it's less of a strict schedule and more of a flow for how we want our mornings to go. This works well for us. If we don't get started right at 9 (though this is my goal), we just start at the beginning and go from there.

It's less stressful for me this way. We can spend the time we need on each subject without feeling rushed to get to the next one by a certain time. Some families may thrive with a more rigid schedule, but for us, a rhythm works better.

Our goal is to start school at 9:00 am and be done by lunch. Although Jazmine usually has a little more to do after lunch. For the last several years, we have only done school Monday through Thursday. But this year I was nervous about fitting everything in during four days, so we are shifting our schedule to Monday through Friday.

To be completely honest, I am nervous about this. We love our chill Fridays. But, they will be less work than the other days. We will probably still do Language Arts for the 3rd-graders and math for Jazmine. But otherwise, it will mostly be group subjects. And just a little bit of it.

You may also notice that this is similar to our rhythm from last year. It worked so well, I really did use it as the baseline to get started this year. Why reinvent the wheel?

Here's our morning flow:

Math, Language Arts, Handwriting, and Individual Science with Christina

I like to start my school day by doing individual subjects with my younger daughter. She struggles in school and it just helps me to get her school done when both of us are in our best of moods and have the most energy.

While I work with Christina, Kyle will be doing educational games on our kindle or computer and Jazmine will be working on her reading or browsing books from our book basket. Our book basket is filled with awesome books from the book list in the back of the Teacher's Manual that has to do with what we are learning about in our morning time.

Morning Time

This is the time when we are working through our group subjects like Bible, geography, history, civics, and current events. We may also do read-aloud books from our book basket during this time if I have one that I really like. I like the WORLD Watch News in 3 for current events so I plan to make that a part of our morning time once we start back up later this month.

Math, Language Arts, Handwriting, and Individual Science with Kyle

After morning time I will shift and do the individual subjects with Kyle. During this time Christina will get her time on the kindle or computer and Jazmine will start working on her writing and grammar work for the day.


Next, we will all come together again for science. Last year I did science right after our morning time and I just didn't love it. It was hard to transition right after morning time. So this year we are going to try it here in our schedule.

Art and Music with the 3rd-graders

From science, I will do art and music with the little kids while Jazmine (who requested not to be a part of art and music) begins her computer work. Her computer work involves math, spelling, typing, and any extra computer work she may have, like when she has to research information for her country reports and such.

Individual Reading Time/Book Basket

After art and music, I will work individually with each of the little kids on their reading while the other one browses in our book basket. During this time, Jazmine will still be working on her computer work.

Read Aloud

Lastly, I will read-aloud to the little kids while Jazmine works on her science and any extra geography she has. There are some advanced assignments that she will be doing to make her courseload more challenging for her. If she chooses though, she is welcomed to join us for the read-aloud. She just prefers not to because it extends her school day. 

When I'm doing reading aloud to the littles, I will check in with Jazmine and see if she needed help with anything or has questions for me. At this point, she has become quite independent in her work though.

That sums up what our mornings are going to probably look like!

As always, this is just what I hope or imagine our days to look like.

We may start this rhythm and it not work well and I move things around or tweak it. If so, I'll update you in my Month in Review posts under the homeschool news.

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