Why start your school year so early?

I knew I'd hear this question as we started our new school year TODAY!!! WooHoo!

July 27th is pretty early to start a new school year. At least in my part of the world.

But when I sat down to plan out my year (p.s. If you want to see how I planned out our year in less than 15 minutes, I've got a video up on YouTube today sharing exactly that. Find it here!), I knew I wanted to be about halfway done by Christmas. So, I worked our calendar backward to find our start date.

That date happened to be July 27th.

The past few years we have been starting our year on Labor Day. I enjoyed a lengthier "summer" school where we do less and simply enjoy life together more. There is less pressure and more fun.

However, in the end, it tends to make me feel like I'm playing catch up throughout the year. Rushing toward some finish line off in the distance that seems barely attainable.

I know it's just a mindset, but this year I wanted to do things differently.

This new start date will also help give me wiggle room in case we get sick or some other unexpected variable occurs.

As far as scheduling our terms, we are going to stick to our school rhythm of six weeks of school and then one week off. This is just good for my sanity and stamina!

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