August Goals

This month's Powersheets Tending List.
We just started our new school year last week, and to be honest, I was not very happy with the week and I felt my joy dissipating by the end of the week. Boo!

As I was filling out my Powersheets for the upcoming month, I reviewed my four main goals for the year (I do this each month so that I can be sure to make progress on those things that are most important to me). I was reminded of my homeschool goal to rediscover the joy of homeschool and felt a little disappointed. How fast do I let my joy be ruined by not-perfect weeks?

Because of this, I looked over my action steps and added to listen to a homeschool podcast to my weekly goal section. As I thought about this goal, I realized that I had fallen out of the habit of listening to a podcast each week. This really keeps my tank full so that I don't get burned out. But yet, I was forgetting to do it.

Upon this reflection, I was reminded that I do better by tracking things that I hope to accomplish. What I track, I usually remember; and what I remember, I usually act on. 

So I decided to add my podcast listening back to my tending list, as you'll see above in the picture and below in my goals.

This is why I love my powersheets. They help me prioritize and put in front of my face what is important to me so that I can be reminded to accomplish those things each day. 

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Wondering about my encouraging words for this month? Read more here.

My 2020 goals can be found here for reference, and here are my specific goals for August:

Daily Goals

  • Drink 3 water bottles | I'm going to keep this goal as a daily habit I'm trying to build.
  • Eat Healthy | My plan is to stick to our diet during the week and not stress about it as much on the weekend.

Weekly Goals

  • Move my body two times | I made great progress on this goal last month and hope to keep the momentum.
  • Family Fun/Bucket List | We've got to start working on our bucket list if we hope to accomplish most of it by the end of summer.
  • Spend time with the kids individually | This is becoming second nature, but again, I want to leave it on here so that I track it and make it happen.
  • Listen to a homeschool podcast | I've fallen out of the habit here and I can feel it, as I explained above. So, I'm going to work on it this month.

Monthly Goals

  • Have a date with Michael | I love it when we get to go on a date. So I add it each month.
  • Finish "The Call of the Wild and Free" | I've been loving this book and am excited to finish it. It has been a good read and I highly recommend it!
  • Read "Teaching from Rest" | I know that this book is a tool to get back on track with my joy and reminding me what's most important as I am homeschooling.
  • YouTube/Blog Brainstorm Session | I want to sit down each month to do a major brainstorm session on my YouTube and Blog content ideas.

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